Chapter 13: Bankrupted Casinos

How Trump's Casino Bankruptcies Screwed His Workers out of Millions in Retirment Savings
Atlantic City declares Trump Plaza a public safety hazard
Some in South Jersey have a message for Trump: Pay your old Atlantic City casino bills

For the contractors who built the Taj Mahal casino three decades ago, the wounds still fester. One calls Trump "a snake oil salesman.”

The story of Donald Trump's doomed attempt to run a Southern Indiana casino

In 2003, Orange County overwhelmingly voted in favor of a casino. The first person in line to build it? President Donald Trump.

Trump's Casinos Couldn't Make Atlantic City Great Again

Photographer Brian Rose turns his lens on the city where Donald Trump built (and nearly destroyed) his reputation.

China's $1 Trillion of U.S. Treasuries Are a Bet on Trump's Casino That May Go bust

The fear in China is that Trump might try to default on America’s debt obligations to China.

Trump Casino Demolition A Priority for Atlantic City Mayor

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small announced one of his goals for 2020 is to demolish the vacant Trump Plaza Ho

The Trump Taj Mahal casino sold for 4 cents on the dollar — here's how Trump bankrupted it twice

It cost $1.2 billion to build the "8th wonder of the world" in the 1990s. It just sold for $50 million.

Atlantic City wants court to force demolition of Trump Plaza

ATLANTIC CITY — Citing concerns about public safety, city officials are seeking a court order to have the former Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino demolished immediately.

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