Chapter 2: Republican Base on Trump

'I can't even describe it': Dem lawyer stunned by Trump supporters' 'really dumb' lawsuit against Mike Pence

Trump supporters who are desperate to stop President-elect Joe Biden from being sworn in have now filed a lawsuit against a very unexpected target.

IT'S FUNDAY! Marchers for Trump Chant 'Destroy the GOP' and Attack Deep State Fox News 😜

The bottom is rapidly falling out of Donald Trump's "Stop the Steal" campaign. The legal misadventures for his imaginary reelection victory have resulted in more than 50 losses at every court level. That includes the Supreme Court that he thought he...

Trump, the Proud Boys and the Kraken: Is the #EndofDemocracy just a meme — or the real thing?

Did Trump and his flunkeys "really" try to stage a coup? Is it really over? Those aren't even the right questions

Georgia Republicans plead with Trump to stop attacking them

Ahead of the Georgia runoffs, Trump is dividing his party in a way that could cost it control of the Senate.

Trump backers, including Flynn, edge toward a call to 'suspend' Constitution to head off Biden taking office

Even as prominent Republicans, including Mitch McConnell, began to grudgingly acknowledge that Joe Biden will be the next president, a noisy grassroots movement devoted to keeping Donald Trump in office seemed to be edging closer to advocating seizing power in what would amount to a coup d’état.

Pro-Trump 'Prayer Warriors' Declared in Wee Hours that 'Valkyrie Will Fall' and Trump Will Stay in Office

Two prominent supporters of President Donald Trump from the “prophetic” Pentecostal wing of the religious right, Dutch Sheets and Frank Amedia, put out a call Tuesday for supporters to participate in a special prayer session …

Pennsylvania lawsuit begs Alito to grant Supreme Court review, but that's not how any of this works

Back on November 21, Republican Rep. Mike Kelly headlined a group of Trump loyalists in filing a lawsuit that went beyond just asking for certification of Pennsylvania votes to be halted, but insisted that the votes of 2.5 million Pennsylvania citizens...

Trump teases 2024 run at White House Christmas party

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump teased running again for president in 2024 as he hosted a holiday reception at the White House. “It’s been an amazing four years,” Trump told the...

Poll: Only 3 percent of Trump voters accept Biden's win as legitimate

Oh, gee, you mean when a sitting pr*sident denies reality and deliberately undermines the legitimacy of our democracy, his supporters are apt to follow suit?

Tucker Carlson is facing backlash from conservatives
Neo-Nazis explain how joining the Proud Boys was their gateway drug to fascism

The Proud Boys, a far-right gang known for its staunch support of President Donald Trump, have long denied being a racist organization despite the fact that one of its longtime leaders is now openly admitting that he’s a Nazi. But leaked private chat transcripts obtained by Vice News show some members of the neo-Nazi organization […]

The GOP deserved to lose even worse. Here’s why it didn’t.

Trumpism won on economics, Hispanic turnout and sloganeering.

A Small Crowd Gathered to 'Stop the Steal' in West Park While GOP Election Officials Called Trump's Voter Allegations 'Deranged'

Reports indicate that Donald Trump will not concede his staggering loss in the presidential election and will instead continue to hold campaign-style rallies (at least...

'Million MAGA March' Draws Thousands in Gathering of ​Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theorists

Someone had determined that the man wearing all black with a red bandana around his mouth was “antifa.” Pro-Trump supporters swarmed the man, who put his hands in the air and refused to budge, ​even …

The Mentality That Explains Trump’s Dead-Enders

Trumpism is a religion, and religions do not allow for counterfactual evidence.

Trump's False 'Stolen Election' Claims Could Unleash Wave of Right-Wing Violence

Trump's deceitful charge undermines confidence in our Democratic system, but it could also threaten to unleash a dangerous wave of violence... Kathleen Belew is worried. That worries me.An expert on white power terrorists, she fears Donald Trump's refusal to accept the election results may be inciting violence. The false charge that the presidential election was “stolen” will likely become a rallying cry for the Trump base.That's politics.

GOP donors paid USPS ‘whistleblower’ $136,000 for election fraud allegations — that he just recanted

‘I Donated Because I Know How Evil the Left Is’ Says a Woman Who Gave $50 A Pennsylvania postal worker who became Republicans’ star witness after saying he was aware of widespread ballot tampering by the U.S. Post Office has recanted his claims. GOP donors have paid him $136,000 via a GoFundMe campaign. “Richard Hopkins’ […]

Civil war brewing inside Proud Boys as top leader says he’s done pretending he isn’t a Nazi

The far-right Proud Boys gang has long denied that it is a white nationalist organization and has instead claimed that it only exists to defend “Western Civilization.” However, Newsweek reports that some members of the group are ready to openly embrace being a racist organization and are dropping any pretenses of wanting support of non-white […]

As Republicans cower from the truth, Joe Biden displays decency

If anyone deserves to be frustrated, it is the president-elect.

Trump’s dead-enders organize capitol-steps rallies around the nation populated with extremists

Donald Trump’s most diehard, fanatical supporters—the ones who have been waving big Trump banners from their pickups and donning Proud Boys shirts to go with the MAGA hats—are following his example: refusing to acknowledge his election defeat at the...

A televangelist who referred to the coronavirus as a 'privilege' has died from it

"This coronavirus may be a privilege, because I'll tell you right now, there is a much bigger judgment coming," televangelist Irvin Baxter once said.

Trump’s followers believe anything he says.

No evidence—not even from Fox News—can shake their faith.

He’s a former QAnon believer. He doesn’t want to tell his story, but thinks it might help.

“It’s kind of embarrassing,” he says of his journey down a long rabbit hole — and out again.

These Trump voters explain why they finally turned on him — and will now vote for Biden
Were You Really Dumb Enough To Believe Trump Would ‘Drain The Swamp’?

Trump’s presidency is a smash-and-grab operation.

How can 42 percent of Americans still support the worst president in our history?

Trump voters are suffering from an epidemic of “alternative facts.”

Trump Has Called His Supporters ‘Disgusting.’ Do They Care?

“The people Trump despises most love him the most,” Howard Stern has said. But that may be beginning to change.

Trump Suggests Gold Star Families May Be to Blame for His Infection

The president, who is counting on support from military members and their families, suggested for the second time in a week that they might have spread the coronavirus at the White House.

I can't feel compassion for Trump. His own arrogant negligence gave him COVID-19.

I reserve my compassion for others who died: health care workers, my sister's best friend, people in empty hospital rooms saying goodbyes on an iPad.

Veteran Who Voted For Trump Now Backs Biden After Wife Dies Of COVID-19

"Our leadership really failed the American people, and they failed my family,” the lifelong conservative from Arizona said of his wife’s death.

Donald Trump Loves to Insult Republicans

He's called them losers, clowns, dummies and lightweights

“Insult to every family”: Trump unveils “bogus” health care "plan" that doesn't actually do anything

Trump's toothless executive order is not “worth the paper it’s signed on," Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says

Republicans go to war with Trump over one of his biggest campaign promises: report

According to a report from the Daily Beast, a “dark money” group affiliated with the Republican State Leadership Committee is preparing a campaign blitz opposing one of Donald Trump’s key proposals that he is highlighting as a major plank in his re-election campaign. At issue is Trump’s new drug-price proposal that the president is using […]

The Republican faithful now against Trump. Part 41. ‘Racist, sexist, an all round crap human being'.

This series lists Republicans, Trump appointees and veterans of previous Republican presidencies now dissing The Donald. We show why they are doing this. This is part 41. For earlier episodes, click on Alan Austin, above, and scroll down the page....

Catholic and evangelical voters fleeing Trump due to his lack of ‘basic kindness’: report

According to an analysis of a poll conducted by Vote Common Good, Donald Trump is seeing an exodus of both Catholic and evangelical Christian voters who were previously able to put the president’s sins aside in order to vote for him in 2016, but are turned off by his lack of civility and “basic kind

‘Expect violence from Trump supporters’: Paul Krugman issues dire warning of what’s to come in 2020 election

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman on Wednesday issued a dire warning about what’s to come in the 2020 presidential election, and he predicted that supporters of President Donald Trump would try to violently disrupt voting. “I wonder how many people are ready for just how bad the next six weeks plus are going to […]

They ‘just want to watch the world burn’: Psychological analysis reveals 14 key traits that explain Trump supporters

As he himself said even before he won the presidential election in 2016, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” Unfortunately for the American people, this wild-sounding claim appears to be truer than not, at least for the majority of his supporters, and that is something that should […]

A Never-Trump Republican changed her mind — then crumbled when she tried to explain why

In a recent op-ed for the Washington Post, Republican Danielle Pletka declared that despite the fact that she refused to vote for Donald Trump in 2016, she now feels compelled to support him in 2020. The piece quickly caught fire online, inspiring ridicule and sympathy from differing corners and tri

Ex-Trump staffer says it’s only just beginning — more aides to the president will defect to back Biden

On CNN Thursday, speaking to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, former Trump Homeland Security chief of staff Miles Taylor weighed in on the Biden endorsement from Vice President Mike Pence’s national security aide Olivia Troye. “I’ll tell you this, this is an absolute bombshell,” said Taylor, himself a supporter of Biden. “Olivia Troye was the lead staff […]

Why some Cuban-Americans in Miami support Joe Biden

From the passenger seat of a Mercedes-Benz idling in the heart of America’s Cuban exile community, George Marrero explained Saturday why he would not vote again for President Donald Trump.

Christian conservatives like me should not let abortion and socialism scare us off Biden

What has Biden ever said or done to indicate he is a socialist? And on abortion, we're stuck in the 1990s. Our Supreme Court power play is not a winner.

Trump’s constant lies reveal a big truth about the right wing

Are they stupid or evil?When I first started writing about politics, way back in the George W. Bush era, this was a legitimate question when it came to trying to understand the mindset of Republicans, especially when it came to their stubborn refusal to accept scientific truths.

‘That’s A Cult’: Bestselling Author Hits Trump-Supporting Coronavirus Deniers

Don Winslow calls out Trump for his botched coronavirus response, and his supporters for living in denial.

Meet the evangelicals who are anti-Trump

Pentecostals belong to an evangelical sub-group that believes that the supernatural “gifts of the Holy Spirit” are operative today. Of those who are active in politics, the best-known is televangelist Paula White, who says she led President Donald Trump to the Lord before his 2016 presidential run a

30 evangelical leaders beg Christians to rethink their support for Trump in new book

A new book released this Monday is compiled of 30 essays written by evangelical leaders imploring white evangelicals to rethink their support for President Trump, The Christian Post reports. The book, titled, The Spiritual Danger of Donald Trump: 30 Evangelical Christians on Justice, Truth, and Moral Integrity, also warns of the damage done to how […]

Trump’s Reckless, Atrocious, Deceitful Rally

President Trump attempted to hold an unmasked, indoor superspreader event in Henderson, Nevada on Sunday night, running afoul of Nevada regulations and his own administration’s guidelines. (Due to meager turn out, I have taken the liberty to downgrade it to…

Trump fact-checked as ‘quite delusional’ at rally that Fox News did not even air

President Donald Trump was visibly agitated during a Saturday evening campaign rally outside Reno, Nevada. Trump bragged about having a huge crowd in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. Neither MSNBC, CNN nor Fox News aired the rally live. In fact, C-SPAN didn’t even air it live. Trump began by lashing out at Gov. Steve Sisolak […]

Rank-And-File Republicans Reel Off Very Long List Of Reasons They Can’t Vote For Trump

Conservatives have 113 reasons for dumping Trump in Republican Voters Against Trump's new video.

Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’

The president has repeatedly disparaged the intelligence of service members, and asked that wounded veterans be kept out of military parades, multiple sources tell The Atlantic.

Mental health experts explain why ‘fearful’ Trump supporters are still clinging to the president — despite his many failures

A looming question in today’s political climate is:  Why do Donald Trump’s devotees continue to support him despite the carnage of his well-documented failures?  Although we are in the middle of a deadly pandemic that is surging and not contained, Trump seems to maintain a base support of 35% to 40%.  What are the psychological […]

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