Chapter 20: Political Actions

Judge Orders Government to Fully Reinstate DACA Program

Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) was ripped on MSNBC as a crook by his Democratic challenger on Friday. Joy Reid, host of “The ReidOut” on MSNBC, interviewed Democrat Jon Ossoff, who had harsh words for his Republican opponent. “David Perdue is like the cartoon version of a corrupt oligarch,” Ossoff charged. “Profiting from tragedy while opposing […]

Wrecking America: How Trump’s Lawbreaking and Lies Betray All

If you don’t want such a person as your neighbor, why would you want him as your President where he’d have exponentially more power to harm you and your family?.. Political analysts of all stripes have concluded that President Trump has a base of supporters who are credulous, immovable, and unpersuadable. Allow us to briefly test that hypothesis, but to ignore the skins-shirts labels — Left-Right, Democrat-Republican — that often though not always determine how a person votes.Instead, we’d like to ask sincere Trump voters whether they’d have a neighbor over for a family dinner who did any or all of the following?

Trump encourages supporters to independently monitor polling places — a federal crime

What President Trump is urging his supporters to do differs from the duties certified poll watchers are tasked with.

Paul Krugman explains how the GOP has been ‘wrong every step of the way’ on Obamacare

If President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday — are successful in ramming a far-right Supreme Court nominee through the U.S. Senate, it is entirely possible that the Affordable Care Act of 2010, Obamacare, will be

'Golden nuggets': Trump explains to Woodward why judges are key to his record

President Donald Trump repeatedly boasted to journalist Bob Woodward about the number of judges he has appointed to the federal bench during several of their interviews for "Rage." The recorded comments provide insight into Trump's relationship with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as the two prepare to push through a potential third Supreme Court nominee in the wake of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death.

Trump seems to believe in magic over science

To the president, scientific advancement is worth pursuing if it aligns with his political goals.

Another Trump Presser: without a case of the claque, Trump still wants to kill social security

Started at 547pm ET Apparently like the Germans and Pearl Harbor, for Trump, the second World War ended in 1917. Trump starts with more disinformation using a Virginia example Trump pimps stock market — usual blah-blah…. (550pm) whoa,...

Here’s the real reason Trump is hungry for political violence

There are a seemingly infinite number of stories about how Donald Trump is the worst kind of person in every possible way, so readers can be forgiven if they missed or forgot this one: In 1991, Trump, ever the soulless troll, took his then-mistress, Marla Maples, to Aspen, Colorado, to spring her on

Donald Trump - Politics & Policy - Axios

What to know about the 45th president, his policies and his controversies.

Trump Gutted the Department of Justice. Biden Can Restore It.

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- It’s too soon to say with any confidence that Joe Biden will be the next president of United States. But it’s not too soon to start determining what he needs to do on day one if he is elected. Once you get beyond addressing the coronavirus pandemic, it’s pretty clear that the highest

Exposing Trump's Payroll Tax Deferral as 'Wage Theft,' Treasury Signals Millions of Workers Will Earn Less in 2021 Under Plan

"Like Donald Trump's other economic executive orders, this will not provide actual relief to workers."

10 takeaways from the Democrats’ show

What we learned after three nights.

Miles Taylor: At Homeland Security, I saw firsthand how dangerous Trump is for America
America First (policy)

The slogan has been criticized by some for carrying comparisons to the America First Committee; however, Trump denied being an isolationist, and said, "I like the expression." A number of scholars (such as Deborah Dash Moore), commentators (such as Bill Kristol) and Jewish organizations (including the ADL and JCPA) criticized Trump's use of the slogan because of its historical association with nativism and antisemitism.

William McRaven: Trump is actively working to undermine the Postal Service - and every major U.S. institution

Let us ensure postal workers have every resource possible to provide the citizens of this country everything they need.

Legislators demand resignations after GAO finds DHS leaders were unlawfully appointed to positions

Donald Trump and his operatives haven’t figured out how to go after Kamala Harris. Now that Joe Biden has named her to be his running mate, they are discovering she’s hard to tear down.

Experts issue dire warning on Trump executive action on unemployment insurance

On top of serious questions about the directive's legality and workability, experts are warning that President Donald Trump's executive action to extend the federal boost to unemployment benefits at $400-per-week—using $44 billion in funds meant for disaster relief—leaves out the poorest Americans b

Trump and the Republicans Are Risking an All-Out Depression

They are currently making the same failed choices that led to the last one.

Trump Just Admitted on Live Television He Will 'Terminate' Social Security and Medicare If Reelected in November

One progressive critic called the president's promise "a full-on declaration of war against current and future Social Security beneficiaries."

Ranking the Infinite Greed, Power and Controls of Giant Corporations

People have the right to know how CEOs and major corporations do on the "Hedonistic Index" of greed and power... The combination of greed and power often spin out of control and challenge the enforceable rule of law and the countervailing force of the organized civic community.When greed and power are exercised by giant multinational corporations that escape the discipline of the nation-state, the potential for evil becomes infinite in nature. Enough is never enough.

Trump denounced for ‘attempt to gut Social Security’ after he announces plan to unilaterally suspend payroll tax –

An advocacy group representing more than four million American retirees warned Thursday that President Donald Trump took a dangerous step toward "single-handedly" dismantling Social Security by announcing he plans to sign an executive order suspending collection of the payroll tax as early as Friday

Trump BLM Pick William Perry Pendley’s “Racist” History Against Natives

William Perry Pendley pushed rhetoric, legal arguments, and policies that sought to deprive Indigenous people of their rights.

Trump News – Raw Story

Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism

Public Servants Are Risking Everything to Expose Government Corruption. Donald Trump Is Making Their Lives Hell.
Trump is getting truly desperate — and that means he's increasingly dangerous

Maybe Trump can't successfully steal the election — but he'll do as much damage as possible on his way out the door

‘From hell, Jim Jones rejoices’: Famous anti-cult attorney explains what Trump has in common with notorious People’s Temple leader

Los Angeles-based attorney/journalist Paul Morantz is famous for his work against cults — most notably, Synanon, which tried to kill him in 1978 by placing a rattlesnake in his mailbox. And in a scathing op-ed for his website, Morantz compares President Donald Trump to the infamous cult leader Jim J

Donald Trump Is Writing A Terrifying New Chapter In The History Of Political Repression

In desperate pursuit of reelection, the president is pitting America against itself.

96 days left, What will Trump's October Surprise look like (with poll)

There are still people who think Trump will win in November, despite his usual attempts at kayfabe like threatening an election postponement today to distract everyone from the record slump in second quarter GDP. Despite a number of poll numbers that...

Why Trump's tough-on-crime message is not breaking through in suburban America

As President Donald Trump's support in the U.S. suburbs erodes amid concerns about his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, he has returned to a familiar campaign theme: trying to scare voters away from backing Democrat Joe Biden in November.

pResident tRump: concentration camps, storm troopers and it's 1932 all over again, oh my

Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight - Bob Marley 1973 A nationalist will say “it can’t happen here,” which is the first step toward disaster. A patriot says it could happen here but that we will stop it....

Trump’s Eight Potentially Impeachable Offenses in Six Months

No, Senator Collins, the president didn't learn his lesson. He got worse.

Column: GOP slips an attack on Social Security into its coronavirus relief bill

Social Security advocates are universally opposed to the measure, which they see as an expression of longtime conservative hostility to the program.

Trump's Response to National Security Advisor's Coronavirus Test Reveals He Rarely Gets 'Daily' Intelligence Briefings

President Donald Trump is getting very few intelligence briefings. The President was asked by reporters Monday about the state of his National Security Advisor’s health. Robert O’Brien was just diagnosed with coronavirus. “I haven’t seen him lately,” was Trump’s very typical response, distancing himself from anyone with the virus. Trump on National Security Adviser Robert …

Trump’s Dangerous Attempt to Create a Federal Police

Carrie Cordero, a specialist in homeland-security law, on the shaky legal basis of the President’s deployment of the Department of Homeland Security against protesters.

Spin, deride, attack: How Trump’s handling of Trump University presaged his presidency

Now, former students say the president’s handling of the pandemic reminds them of the school’s besieged last days.

Elephant stampede: The real reason Trump is nixing the RNC in Jacksonville

It is the perfect comeuppance: The man who shouted “LIBERATE!” at states that were sanely hunkering down to prevent the spread of coronavirus has been forced to cancel the Republican National Convention in COVID-19-overrun Florida, his new home state, where he had moved festivities after Charlotte withdrew its welcome due to the virus.

Painting Bleak Portrait of Urban Crime, Trump Sends More Agents to Chicago and Other Cities

The announcement came as the president painted a dark vision of crime in cities and attacked local officials who have expressed concerns about intervention by the administration.

Opinion | How Powerful Is the President?

It is time for Congress to investigate the emergency authorities given to the chief executive.

Trump Gives Polluters a Pass by Weakening EPA Enforcement​​​​​​​ | Take Action Tuesday @EarthFoodLife

League of Conservation Voters: President Trump has ceased enforcement of virtually all environmental laws at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) during the COVID-19 pandemic. The policy is set to expire next month, but the administration may seek to extend it. EPA enforcement must be restored immediately. Every hour these suspensions are in place, pollution can be ramped … Continue reading Trump Gives Polluters a Pass by Weakening EPA Enforcement​​​​​​​ | Take Action Tuesday @EarthFoodLife

Trumpfen Sturmabteilung (Trump’s Stormtroopers) -

It is not hard to see the forces kidnapping individuals and teargassing Portland’s streets as the Trump administration’s private stormtroopers. Although they are operating under the aegis of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the truth is it is the Executive Branch that issued their orders. More

Federal agents, local streets: A 'red flag' in Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Federal officers’ actions at protests in Oregon’s largest city, hailed by President Donald Trump but done without local consent, are raising the prospect of a constitutional...

Opinion | Trump announces he’s sending law enforcement to cities like Chicago and Detroit
Head of the line: Big companies got coronavirus loans first

NEW YORK (AP) — Ever since the U.S. government launched its emergency lending program for small businesses on April 3, there have been complaints that bigger companies had their loans approved and...

Cruelty is Trump's guiding principle — but Democrats can use it to defeat him

Trump's advisers believe their cruelty toward vulnerable people is a strength. But it's a massive moral weakness

Trump Just Lit the Fuse on the Most Dangerous Constitutional Crisis in a Century

Powder Keg In the midst of all the other news he made during his interview with Chris Wallace on Sunday, President Trump lit the fuse on what could become an extremely dangerous constitutional crisis. Wallace asked the sitting president

Is this what democracy looks like? With federal goons in the streets, history hangs in the balance

Whether the Trump regime's Portland gambit is purely political or an attempted coup, the danger is enormous

Trump expected to exclude undocumented migrants from U.S. census

President Donald Trump is expected to soon issue an executive order that would ban undocumented immigrants from being included in the 2020 census count of every person living in the United States, a source familiar with the matter said on Friday.

How Trump Closed Down the Schools

The president is demanding that classes resume this fall—but his own failures are forcing districts to shut their doors.

Why Ohio is in Play for Both Biden and Trump

Ohio was thought to be an uphill battle for Joe Biden in November. Now there are signs the Trump campaign is on defense, despite continuing Republican advantages in the state.

Trump’s presidency is a potentially fatal self-inflicted wound on America

When schoolchildren across the United States began their summer break, President Donald Trump had more than two months to bring the coronavirus crisis under control in time for schools to reopen for the fall. But, instead of tackling the virus’ spread head-on, he did what most observers expected of him: he politicized the pandemic and acted as though he were the sole victim of the virus.

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