Chapter 23: Criminal Friends

Perdue and Loeffler’s Well-Timed Stock Trades Give Georgia Democrats an Opening

"These are just bad people who you shouldn't be trusting."

The Trump Tax Reform Helped the Billionaire Class—Not the Working Class

The Republican tax law boosted the fortunes of America's wealthiest while increasing insecurity for U.S. manufacturing workers... “We gave you the greatest, biggest tax cut in history!” crowed President Trump at a recent rally in Prescott, Arizona.If that rally crowd had been packed with billionaires, they would’ve had good reason to applaud. But for ordinary working families, the 2017 Republican tax law is nothing to cheer about.

Trump appears to have pocketed $123,000 from Libyan dictator Muammar el-Qaddafi: NYT bombshell

“The information contained within President Donald Trump’s tax returns continues to result in blockbuster stories by The New York Times.” On Friday, the newspaper focused on Trump’s claims of philanthropy — which don’t always add up. “In 2009, for example, he agreed to rent his Seven Springs estate in Westchester County, N.Y., to the Libyan […]

Michael Cohen Predicts Trump Plan To Save Himself If He Loses The Election

The president's former personal attorney warns of last-minute drama between Election Day and the inauguration.

LAWSUIT: Epstein Shows 14-year-old Girl To Trump: "This is a good one, right?" Trump Smiles and Nods

It’s all in a lawsuit filed in January by “Jane Doe,” against Ghislaine Maxwell and against Jeffrey Epstein’s estate. Doe (Maxwell?) has demanded a jury trial. One wonders what will come out during the criminal trial……....

Trump defends accused Kenosha gunman, declines to condemn violence from his supporters

President Donald Trump on Monday sided with a 17-year old charged with killing two people during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, saying the accused gunman was trying to get away and would have been killed by demonstrators if he had not opened fire.

‘Complete bombshell’: Former top USPS official reveals ‘disturbing’ new details of DeJoy selection and Mnuchin sabotage of mail service

In his first public remarks since resigning from the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors in protest at the end of April, David Williams on Thursday offered a number of alarming new details surrounding the selection of Trump megadonor Louis DeJoy as postmaster general and Treasury Secretary Steve

Is the entire American conservative movement just one big scam?

The obvious answer to “Is the Republican Party just one big scam?” is “Yes,” since the modern Republican Party and its Fox News infrastructure exists just to convince ordinary people that handing over billions more to billionaires is the Real American...

DeJoy's family company was sued over shocking racism, sexual assault, wage theft, and more

Part of Trump Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's credentials for handling a government agency as large and spread-out as the U.S.�Postal Service (USPS) is his creation of New Breed Logistics, a family ...

Ex-Trump adviser Steve Bannon charged in border wall scheme

NEW YORK (AP) — President Donald Trump's former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, and three associates were arrested Thursday on charges they ripped off donors to an online fundraising effort to...

‘Disrespect for regularity’: George Conway explains why ‘no serious criminal lawyer’ would buy the DOJ’s absurd defense of Michael Flynn

If a Democrat had done what former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn admitted to doing — lying to the FBI about his communications with a Russian ambassador — Republican allies of President Donald Trump would have demanded a severe punishment. Instead, the Trump DOJ under the direction of Atto

Ghislaine Maxwell, alleged Epstein accomplice, complains of "uniquely onerous conditions" in jail

The alleged accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein has filed a formal complaint about her treatment by authorities

Trump Blasted for Naming 'War Criminal' and Iran-Contra Convict Elliott Abrams as Iran Envoy

"Elliott Abrams has made a career of lying and committing criminal acts that have led to the death and suffering of innocent people from Guatemala to Iraq."

Before President Trump wished Ghislaine Maxwell ‘well,’ they had mingled for years in the same gilded circles

The longtime companion of Jeffrey Epstein spent time with Trump in Palm Beach and New York and got to know two of the real estate developer’s wives.

The Company You Keep | The Lincoln Project

Judge Trump by the company he keeps

Judge orders Michael Cohen to be released from prison

NEW YORK (AP) — A judge ordered the release from prison of President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer on Thursday, saying the government retaliated against him for planning to release a book...

Ex-federal prosecutors blast Bill Barr and the Trump administration for unconstitutional attack on Michael Cohen

Former federal prosecutors and U.S. attorneys took to Twitter on Thursday in response to the ruling that Michael Cohen was unlawfully put back in jail because he refused to stay quiet about President Donald Trump ahead of the election. Elie Honig, Barbara McQuade and Joyce White Vance all blasted the Trump administration for trying to […]

Kayleigh McEnany Absurdly Spins Trump Wishing Ghislaine Maxwell Well on Fox News

After practically ignoring the subject for two days, Fox News finally broached Trump's well-wishes to Ghislaine Maxwell during a Thursday interview with the press secretary.

Here are the 5 worst words from Trump’s press conference — and how it could’ve been even worse for his campaign

MSNBC anchor Lawrence O’Donnell broke down the worst part of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus briefing on Tuesday. “The day after The Washington Post poll showed Donald Trump a full 15 points behind, Trump tried to revive his presidential campaign in a White House briefing with reporters — that was supposed to be about the coronavirus […]

Judge Amy Berman Jackson orders review of Trump commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence

A federal judge on Monday ordered the Trump administration to turn over President Donald Trump’s order commuting the sentence of longtime friend Roger Stone.

Robert Mueller: Roger Stone remains a convicted felon, and rightly so

We made every decision in Stone’s case, as in all our cases, based solely on the facts and the law and in accordance with the rule of law.

Not Just Roger Stone: A Shockingly Long List of Trump’s Controversial Pardons and Commutations
Trump Commutes Sentence of Roger Stone in Case He Long Denounced

The president’s friend had been convicted of impeding a congressional inquiry that threatened Mr. Trump.

The Fixers

The shocking, definitive account of the lawyers and media tycoons who enabled the rise of Donald Trump, featuring new revelations from a Pulitzer Prize-winning Wall Street Journal team With his blunt-force...

Former Trump camaign chair Paul Manafort is now in federal prison

Sentenced in two separate cases in March, Manafort is serving 7.5 years for fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy.

U.S. moves to drop case against Trump ex-advisor Flynn, who admitted lying to FBI

The U.S. Justice Department on Thursday abruptly asked a judge to drop criminal charges against Donald Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn following mounting pressure from the Republican president and his political allies on the right.

Judge who tried Manafort sentences former corporate lawyer to 88 months for fraud

Judge had been criticized for lenience in sentencing of Trump’s campaign manager.

Jeffrey Epstein: Everything we know about his relationship with Trump
The connections between Jeffrey Epstein and Trump's Mar-a-Largo resort

Jeffrey Epstein was a guest at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort and his alleged 'madam' Ghislaine Maxwell recruited at least one victim there.

Trump ally Stone must surrender to prison by June 30, won't need to go to quarantine site

Just last week, the agency said it would “process all newly-sentenced Bureau inmates through one of three quarantine sites.”

Former Trump fixer Michael Cohen reports to prison for three-year term

Michael Cohen has completed his transition from presidential fixer to prison inmate.

Rudy Giuliani's relationship with arrested men is subject of criminal investigation

The business relationship between Rudy Giuliani and men charged in a campaign finance scheme is a subject of the ongoing criminal investigation.

Convicted Pedophile and 'Globe-Trotting Fixer' Tied to Top Trump Advisors Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Crimes

A lobbyist and convicted pedophile tied to current and past top-level Trump White House aides and transition team members has pleaded guilty to child sex crimes. George Nader, whose testimony was cited dozens of times in the Mueller Report, is expected to be sentenced to the mandatory minimum of ten years in jail, CNN reports. …

Former Rep. Chris Collins, the first member of Congress to endorse Trump, sentenced to 26 months in prison in insider trading case

The first sitting congressman to support President Donald Trump's bid for the White House was sentenced to 26 months in prison on Friday after pleading guilty to federal charges in an insider trading case.

Trump inaugural donor charged with campaign finance and lobbying violations

Federal prosecutors on Tuesday charged a California-based money manager who donated nearly $1 million to President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee.

Roger Stone to Michael Cohen: the men in Trump's orbit implicated in crimes

Roger Stone is the latest among a growing list of people once in the president’s inner circle who have been convicted on federal charges

Ex-Trump Aid Papadopoulos, 1st Charged In Russia Probe, Sentenced to 14 days

Donald Trump's former campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos was sentenced on Friday after pleading guilty to lying to the FBI about his connections to Russian operatives in 2016.

How Donald Trump and Roy Cohn's Ruthless Symbiosis Changed America

In 1973, a brash young would-be developer from Queens met one of New York’s premier power brokers: Roy Cohn, whose name is still synonymous with the rise of McCarthyism and its dark political arts. With the ruthless attorney as a guide, Trump propelled himself into the city’s power circles and learned many of the tactics that would inexplicably lead him to the White House years later.

Trump promises Stone won't serve prison time: 'He can sleep well at night!'

The pledge from the president represents his latest intervention in the case of his longtime political adviser.

Rick Gates, former Trump campaign aide who testified to Mueller, sentenced to 45 days in jail

Rick Gates, one of the most significant former Trump campaign advisers who flipped on President Donald Trump in the Mueller investigation, was sentenced to 45 days in jail and three years probation by a federal judge Tuesday morning.

Jeffrey Epstein: Trump noted financier likes women on 'younger side'

After Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on sex-trafficking charges, a Donald Trump quote that the financier liked women 'on the younger side' resurfaced.

Trump associates who have been sent to prison or faced criminal

A look at the Trump associates who have been sent to prison or faced criminal charges as Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y. faces sentencing.

Rudy Giuliani: Federal investigators looking into lawyer's ties with men indicted on campaign finance violations

The ongoing criminal investigation will include scrutiny of any business dealings Giuliani may have had with Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman

Giuliani consulted on Ukraine with imprisoned Paul Manaford via a lawyer

The president’s attorney is promoting a narrative that the real story of 2016 is not Russian interference to elect Trump, but Ukrainian efforts to support Hillary Clinton.

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