Chapter 26: Law Enforcement and Police Accountability

'Do Not Do What the President Directs,' Warns North Carolina AG as Trump—Once Again—Urges Residents to Commit Felony by Voting Twice

"Do NOT vote twice (it's a felony), or waste your time, or unnecessarily risk exposure to more people."

The Shaky Foundation of Trump’s Pose As a Criminal Justice Reformer

The president's case rests on two accomplishments, while his plans for a second term echo the mindless toughness he intermittently condemns.

Trump wants to deport 27,000 health care workers

The huge spike in coronavirus cases across the United States has hospitals struggling to remain fully staffed. A looming national doctor shortage appears imminent, and it’s never been clearer just how important America’s frontline medical workers are.

Many of them may not be able to work here muc

Miles Taylor’s very serious allegations against Trump, explained

The former DHS chief of staff isn't big news right now. But what he's saying is.

‘A product of gross negligence’: Why this ex-federal prosecutor thinks Trump must be prosecuted

Donald Trump has inflicted mass death on the American people through his malevolent, indifferent and willfully cruel response to the coronavirus pandemic. In the United States more than 5 million people have been diagnosed and 166,000 people have now died — and the true numbers are likely much highe

Federal judge pens scathing opinion on qualified immunity

A federal judge in Mississippi wrote a scathing opinion Tuesday urging the Supreme Court to revisit qualified immunity, a legal doctrine created nearly 40 years ago that the judge argues is shielding law enforcement and government officials from accountability.

AG Barr blatantly disregarded the rule of law in Roger Stone case by seeking ‘the president’s desired result’: former federal prosecutor

In the federal criminal case the U.S. v. Stone, veteran GOP operative Roger Stone — a long-time ally of President Donald Trump — went from facing a U.S. Department of Justice recommendation of seven to nine years in prison to being sentenced to three years and four months to having his sentence comm

Opinion | William Barr’s new defense of Trump actually unmasks his corruption

Trump wants Barr to function as his personal lawyer. Barr once again obliges.

States Are Begging for Coronavirus Relief. Trump Sent Federal Police Instead.

"My first duty as President is to protect the American people."

Justice Department Imprisoned Cohen for Flipping on Trump

The Trump criminal associates who stayed loyal got very different treatment.

Mayor Of Portland, Oregon, First Booed By Protesters, Then Tear Gassed By Federal Agents

Earlier in the night, Ted Wheeler was mostly jeered as he tried to rally demonstrators who have clashed nightly with federal agents.

Derek Chauvin, ex-Minn. cop in George Floyd death, faces tax charges

Derek Chauvin and his wife are accused of underreporting their income for years in Minnesota and failing to file state taxes some years.

Opinion | Trump’s ugly law enforcement crackdown is even alienating Republicans

Former homeland security chiefs under George W. Bush sound the alarm.

Presidential Clearinghouse Sweepstakes!

Let’s take a minute to review the President’s continued attacks on our system of justice.

Trump and Sessions Released Cops from Federal Oversight. Now we see the results.

George Floyd's death took place under an administration that's given a green light to police brutality.

Trump Gave Police Permission to Be Brutal

The president didn’t cause America’s policing crisis, but he deliberately made it worse.

Trump has enabled police violence that result in deaths like George Floyd's

With pardons, abdication of oversight, harsh rhetoric, and executive orders, the Trump administration has encouraged violent policing.

Houston police chief responds to Trump advice on protests: 'Keep your mouth shut'

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said Monday that President Trump should remain silent on the protests over the killing of George Floyd if he has nothing “constructive to say.”

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