Chapter 27: Russia, Putin and Foreign Policy

Russian government hackers are behind a broad espionage campaign that has compromised U.S. agencies, including Treasury and Commerce
Secret CIA assessment: Putin ‘probably directing’ influence operation to denigrate Biden

Another revelation of Russian interference in the 2020 election.

FBI's Wray: Russia using 'drumbeat of misinformation' to undermine Biden campaign

FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday warned that Russia is interfering in the 2020 U.S. presidential elections with a steady stream of misinformation aimed at Democrat Joe Biden as well as sapping Americans' confidence in the election process.

The strongest evidence yet of Trump’s (ongoing) collusion with Russia

The evidence of a corrupt relationship between Moscow and the president keeps rolling in.

Trump bragged to Woodward about his role in covering-up the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi

There’s no doubt that the recordings made by Bob Woodward of his 18 separate interviews with Donald Trump are going to contain any number of bombshells. On Tuesday, it was revelations that Trump knew about the danger posed by COVID-19 and deliberately...

Trump's diplomatic legacy: lost trust, scarred ties and sanctions

President Donald Trump made some of his flashiest 2016 campaign pledges in foreign policy areas, such as vowing to reevaluate the U.S. relationship with NATO, abandon a landmark nuclear deal with Iran and bring U.S. troops back from "forever wars."

Collusion between Trump campaign and Russia never ended

As we begin a week of pure GOP propaganda, it’s time to remind ourselves how we got here as well as remind ourselves that the GOP is still entangled with Russia as well as malign forces. With less than 100 days before the presidential election, U.S....

Sally Yates: Trump Would Rather ‘Fawn Over A Dictator’ Than Defend The Country

The former acting attorney general said the president has spent his term using "his position to defend himself, rather than our country."

Factbox: Key findings from Senate inquiry into Russian interference in 2016 U.S. election

(Reuters)t - Below are key findings of the U.S. Senate intelligence committee's final report released on Tuesday about Russian efforts to influence the 2016 U.S presidential election in which Republican Donald Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Here are 7 damning revelations from the new Senate report on Trump and Russia

Long after any debate about whether President Donald Trump's ties to Russia's 2016 election interference might lead to his impeachment had fizzled out, the Senate Intelligence Committee dropped a bomb of a report on Tuesday including explosive new details of the sordid affair.

Trump’s 2016 campaign chair was a ‘grave counterintelligence threat,’ had contact with Russian intelligence, Senate panel finds

The Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday released its final report on Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections

The Russian government interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election with the goals of harming the campaign of Hillary Clinton, boosting the candidacy of Donald Trump, and increasing political and social discord in the United States.

How Trump is once again colluding with Russia

Almost two weeks ago, a story circulated that Portland protesters were burning Bibles and American flags. It spread via social media and was picked up by conservative outlets, such as the Washington Examiner. Of course, several Republican leaders joined the bandwagon.

What Trump doesn’t want you to know about Russia’s election interference

Last Friday, William Evanina, director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, released a statement that “Russia is using a range of measures to primarily denigrate former Vice President Biden and what it sees as an anti-Russia ‘establishment.'” It also noted that both China and Ira

Opinion | A damning new article reveals how Trump enables Russian election interference

The president would rather browbeat our intelligence agencies than expose Russian attacks.

Can U.S. Democracy Policy Survive Trump?

Under Trump, U.S. democracy policy has reached its lowest ebb in forty years. If the United States continues this course for two more years, it will be stranded on the sidelines, or even on the wrong side, of the global democratic struggle.

Quitter-in-Chief: Trump Retreats From Yet Another International Agreement

This week has been one of the most challenging yet for the American people during the tumultuous presidency of Donald Trump. The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has taken the lives of more than 100…

Opinion | In a new interview, Trump again shows that he’s Putin’s puppet

We still don’t know why Trump puts Putin first, but there's no question that he does.

A New Book Provides More Evidence of the Trump-Stone Russia Coverup

An inside account of the Trump impeachment offers new revelations.

Trump Had 'Plenty of Discussion' With Putin but Refuses to Say if They Talked About Russia Paying to Kill US Soldiers

President Donald Trump refuses to tell the American people whether or not he has talked with President Vladimir Putin about Russia’s bounty program to pay the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers. Trump was finally asked about it, and if he discussed it last week during his call with the President of the Russian Federation. “We …

Trump's bromance with Kim Jong Un on display in Singapore: "We have developed a very special bond"

President Donald Trump loves Kim, but It is worth remembering the number of American patriots he has bashed

America First Means America Alone

On Wednesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that individuals associated with a major gas pipeline being built underwater from Russia to Germany, Nord Stream 2, could be subject to sanctions.

Trump Is Trying to Hide US & Israeli War Crimes by Attacking the International Criminal Court

A war crimes complaint has been filed against President Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin

Opinion | New York Times shreds Trump campaign lawsuit over Russia op-ed

The newspaper asks for sanctions over the filing of a "vexatious" complaint.

Former CIA official rips Trump’s claim he was ignorant of Russian bounty on US soldiers
Russia Pays a Bounty for Dead U.S. Soldiers, and Our Commander-in-Chief Does Nothing

The Pentagon Leaks an Explosive Story of Trump's Dereliction of Duty, Widening the Rift Between the Military and the White House

Russia is killing US soldiers. Trump's response is a shameful dereliction of duty

He has probably known for months, yet he continues to praise Putin. The American president is not looking out for the American people

Tell Us, Mr. Sater, About Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

Felix Sater, a key figure in President Donald Trump’s life, is being questioned today by the House Intelligence Committee. Since we’ve been watching him long before he became a person of interest, we already have a wish list of questions designed to pick the locks on his knowledge that is so dangerous to Trump.

Trump pulling troops from Germany is yet another decision made from petulance
Transcript Shows Trump Advisor Colluding with Russia in 2016

Michael Flynn had good reason to lie to the FBI about his conversation with Russia’s ambassador.

Senate Intel report confirms Russia aimed to help Trump in 2016

The report represents a confidence-booster to the country’s intelligence community.

Everything We Know About Russia and President Trump

Donald Trump’s connection to Russia and Russian interests dates back more than 35 years. His family and associates also have well-documented ties.

Trump announces he has unilaterally decided to let Putin back into the G7 Summit

President Donald Trump announced on Saturday that he intends to let Russia attend the next Group of Seven summit.

Trump Russia: The saga in 350 words

It's the story that has dominated Donald Trump's presidency, but it's complicated. Let's take a step back.

Trump and the Russians

The New York Times revealed the Trump team’s connections with the Russians and attempts to sway the F.B.I. director, James Comey. The articles, which won the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting, triggered the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel.

Trump would do anything for Putin. No wonder he’s ignoring the Russian bounties

Russia’s pattern of hostility matches Trump’s pattern of accommodation.

Is Donald Trump's Dark Russian Secret Hiding in Deutsche Bank's Vaults
AP sources: White House aware of Russian bounties in 2019

Top officials in the White House were aware in early 2019 of classified intelligence indicating Russia was secretly offering bounties to the Taliban for the deaths of Americans, a full year...

The ‘America First’ president keeps putting Russia first

One thing is clear: He cares about his personal interests more than the nation's.

Spies and Commandos Warned Months Ago of Russian Bounties on U.S. Troops

The recovery of large amounts of American cash at a Taliban outpost in Afghanistan helped tip off U.S. officials. It is believed that at least one U.S. troop death was the result of the bounties.

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