Chapter 28: Race, Scapegoating, and White Supremacists

The racist rhetoric behind accusing largely Black cities of voter fraud

Ever since Joe Biden was declared President-elect earlier this month, the Trump campaign has made a target of cities, falsely accusing them of voter fraud and corruption.

Wilson: What white America was really saying in the 2020 election
The racist rhetoric behind accusing largely Black cities of voter fraud

Ever since Joe Biden was declared President-elect earlier this month, the Trump campaign has made a target of cities, falsely accusing them of voter fraud and corruption.

Biden Got It Right: The 2020 Race Is About the Soul of the Nation

Will American voters beat back the Trump virus?

Joe Scarborough Laughs at Trump Ad Targeting Suburban Women

Joe Scarborough got a genuinely good laugh at a new Trump Campaign ad recently released that clearly targets the crucial suburban woman vote that President Donald Trump sorely needs to win reelection.

Donald Trump, Racism, and the Republican Party: It’s Not a Bug, It’s a Feature

On August 3, 1980, presidential candidate Ronald Reagan stood just a few miles from the place where three civil rights workers – James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner –...

Trump privately ridicules evangelical supporters, per report

The report comes at a time when the President has attacked Joe Biden on religion and accused Democrats of targeting Amy Coney Barrett's Catholicism.

Donald Trump’s Decades Of Racism Is On Full View In Scathing Supercut

“Are you for or against this?” MSNBC's Ari Melber asked viewers on "The Beat."

9 Outrageous Things Donald Trump Has Said About Latinos

"They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists."

Trump's tactic to attack black people and women: insult their intelligence

Analysis shows Trump consistently targets African Americans and women with ‘dumb’ and ‘low IQ’ jibes

Donald Trump’s Racism: The Definitive List, Updated

The media uses euphemisms. Here’s the truth: President Trump is a racist.

Trump Not Impressed by John Lewis, Says ‘He Didn’t Come to My Inauguration’

“I can’t say one way or the other,” Trump said when asked whether he found the late civil rights hero impressive.

Trump has spread more hatred of immigrants than any American in history

"They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists."

Rudy Giuliani Interrupted His Effort to Smear Joe Biden With An Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory About George Soros

"It's time for responsible figures in the conservative movement to denounce these baseless and anti-Semitic theories."

Trump Told White Supremacists to Attack Protesters, So They Did

Throughout his campaign, Trump appeared to encourage violence toward anti-Trump protesters.

When Trump attacks one black woman, we all feel it

We ignore the president’s hostility toward women of color at our own peril.

More Than 1,500 Alums From Barrett’s College “Firmly and Passionately” Oppose Her SCOTUS Nomination

They say she falls short when it comes to truth, loyalty, and service.

Mary Trump Has Terrifying Explanation For Trump’s White Supremacist Comments

Trump's debate message was more than just a shoutout to hate groups, the president's niece warned.

Jimmy Kimmel Says The Reason Trump Refuses To Condemn White Supremacists Is 'Not What You Think'

The late night host thinks he found the president's "most egregious lie" in the debate.

Allegations of racism have marked Trump’s presidency and become key issue as election nears

The president compares himself to Lincoln but critics say he has pursued policies that have harmed people of color and imperiled civil rights while using the bully pulpit for race-baiting.

Joe Scarborough Calls Trump Fascist After Bigoted Rally Speech

Joe Scarborough called out President Donald Trump for what the Morning Joe host saw as "fascist" comments made during a Tuesday evening campaign rally.

Trump is shouting his racism. He must be stopped.

The president isn’t just denying that bias exists — he’s inflaming it.

On the anniversary when we learned just how racist Trump is, he says something racist

I was in Atlanta, Georgia, three years ago for Netroots Nation. (Totally bummed we had to cancel in Denver this year.) It was during this time that a young activist was brutally murdered at the white supremacist “Unite the Right” rally in...

Why Are So Many Americans Willing to Support Hate and Division?

Is this the kind of country the majority of U.S. voters actually want to live in?.. Donald Trump has falslely told us that only 9,000 people have died of the coronavirus in the United States, that shooting an unarmed man in the back seven times is like a bad putt at golf, that protests are being led by an airplane full of black-jacketed "thugs," and refused to condemn a vicious murderer who killed two people and blew the arm off a third. Now, he is threatening the Mayor of Portland with federal troops again.

The dark path Trump and his allies are taking to defend right-wing violence

Here's the first thing to notice about the horrific news cycle of the past few days: Donald Trump is openly stoking right-wing violence, in no small part, because it bumps the coronavirus pandemic (6 million cases and rising, more than 183,000 dead) and the economic crisis (10% unemployment and 29 m

The GOP has nothing to sell but fear itself as Trump’s fatal fumbling continues

During the first Clinton term, I worked on the public TV series In Performance at the White House. One of our episodes was an Aretha Franklin concert on the South Lawn. The show was great. It goes without saying what a remarkable talent she was. But Ms. Franklin was demanding, too. At one point she insisted […]

Despite virus threat, Black voters wary of voting by mail

Many Black voters are skeptical of voting by mail even as states seek to expand that option during the coronavirus pandemic

More than 500,000 mail ballots were rejected in the primaries. That could make the difference in battleground states this fall.

The record use of voting by mail during the coronavirus pandemic increased the possibility of voter error or delayed delivery.

Mail-in Ballots from Black Voters Rejected Disproportionately in GA's Primary: 'BradCast' 8/26/2020

Guest: Aklima Khondoker of All Voting is Local Also: Hurricane Laura to slam Gulf Coast; White vigilante arrested for killing Kenosha protesters; Trump's violations of law at RNC Day 2 reveal 'The Audacity of the Grift'... On today's BradCast we head...

The GOP hides its bigotry only when caught

Conspiracy-mongering anti-Semites are now welcome in the Republican Party.

Paul Krugman argues Trump has only one way to win — and it involves QAnon

After QAnon supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene won a Republican congressional primary in Georgia on August 11, President Donald Trump wasted no time congratulating her. And when NBC News reporter Shannon Pettypiece asked him about QAnon the following week, Trump refused to say anything against the con

Trump's trouble branding Biden is forcing him into other culture wars

The president's quest for a viral attack line against Biden may be driving him to diverge even more politically.

Trump caught on tape bragging about low Black turnout helping the GOP: ‘It was great’

Politico has obtained new audio of the leader of the free world offering his views on how low Black turnout helped him win the 2016 election.

Trump is literally putting the price of citizenship out of reach for immigrants of color

Donald Trump's war on voting has merged with his war on immigration to make it as hard as possible for foreign nationals to become U.S. citizens. That includes decimating staffing for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which processes...

Five Insults Donald Trump Has Fired At Mexicans In The Presidential Race

The Donald is to visit Mexico - a nation he's derided as home to "rapists" and "criminals" and wants to block with "a great wall".

Racial views of Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, has a history of speech and actions that have been widely viewed as racist or racially charged. Journalists, friends, and former employees have accused him of fueling racism in the United States and some scholars have placed Trump's rhetoric and performance in the context of white supremacy.

Trump pushes anti-immigrant message even as coronavirus dominates campaign

U.S President Donald Trump is powering ahead with his anti-immigration agenda, even as voters say they are more concerned with the coronavirus pandemic and the economic destruction it has wrought.

Donald Trump has a long history of questioning the citizenship of non-white politicians

When former Vice President Joe Biden announced, on August 11, that he had chosen Sen. Kamala Harris of California as his running mate, it didn’t take long for some far-right Republicans to show their racism — including birthers, who are claiming that Harris is unqualified to be vice president of the

Trump Ramps Up the Racism and Sexism After Harris Makes History
‘Racism in its purest form’: Trump’s bigoted attacks on low-income housing draw instant rebuke

President Donald Trump lobbed yet another racist attack on low-income housing being built in American suburbs, and he drew a swift rebuke from many Twitter users who called him out for his bigotry. In a tweet posted Wednesday morning, the president wrote that “the ‘suburban housewife’ will be voting for me” because “I ended the […]

President Trump swipes at John Lewis for skipping his inauguration

Asked by interviewer Jonathan Swan how history would remember Lewis, Trump said: “I don’t know John Lewis. He chose not to come to my inauguration.”

Old-Fashioned Racism, Contemporary Islamophobia, and the Isolation of Muslim Americans in the Age of Trump

Old-Fashioned Racism, Contemporary Islamophobia, and the Isolation of Muslim Americans in the Age of Trump - Volume 3 Special Issue - Nazita Lajevardi, Kassra A. R. Oskooii

Trump’s long history of racism, from the 1970s to 2020

Trump has repeatedly claimed he’s "the least racist person." His history suggests otherwise.

The past year of research has made it very clear: Trump won because of racial resentment

Another study produces the same findings we’ve seen over and over again.

Opinion | Trump’s racist housing tweet is par for his family

His campaign to win the suburbs through racism continues.

Trump Resorts to Racist Fear Mongering to Draw the Votes of Suburban ‘Housewives’ | News Corpse

It never fails. Whenever Donald Trump is cornered by events that expose his disastrous mismanagement of the people’s business, he falls back on the Republican Party’s established, all-p…

He Defended Anti-Gay and Anti-Muslim Causes. Now He’s an Immigration Judge

Brandon Bolling argued that Islam was incompatible with the First Amendment and homosexuality was not innate.

Michael Cohen’s new book will reveal Trump’s anti-Semitic and ‘virulently racist remarks’ about Obama: Court documents

Michael Cohen’s new book will claim President Donald Trump made racist comments about Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela. The revelations were made public in court filings as part of Cohen’s legal battle to be released from federal custody after he was re-arrested July 9, and his lawyers claim the president’s former attorney was sent back […]

Fair housing groups slam Trump's suburban racial rhetoric

Washington (AP) — President Donald Trump’s pledge to roll back an Obama-era regulation designed to eliminate racial disparities in the suburbs is drawing harsh criticism from fair housing...

Mary Trump says she heard her uncle Donald use the ‘n-word’

Since the 2016 campaign there have been claims that Trump used the n-word on the set of his television show, “The Apprentice.” Trump denies it.

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