Chapter 3: Lying as a Way of Life

Keeping the attention for himself': Trump won’t necessarily run in 2024. The trick is making Americans think he will

Although President Donald Trump has been voted out of office and is set to leave the White House on January 20, 2021, that doesn't necessarily mean that he will disappear from the right-wing media. Trump might launch his own media company, Fox News competitors like Newsmax TV and One America News wo...

Another good example of how laughably flimsy Trump’s electoral fraud claims are

President Trump elevated an article from Gateway Pundit which gets a very basic math question very wrong.

As Trump rants over election, his administration accelerates push to lock in policy and staffing gains

The rush has come despite the president’s relative inattention to governing since his electoral defeat last month, driven in part by ideologically minded aides, including Cabinet members eager to burnish their own legacies.

Trump keeps losing the 2020 election over and over and over
The fable of Trumpocchio: How Trump won the election that he lost

Trump actually won the election. Here's how.

Trump's Pants on Fire claim about votes exceeding voters in swing states

PolitiFact is a fact-checking website that rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others on its Truth-O-Meter.

Fact-checking Georgia's senatorial debate between Loeffler and Warnock

With the Presidential election technically over, all eyes are now on Georgia. Not only has the state's election process led to Republican in-fighting, but Georgia is also set to host two runoff elections that will determine control of the US Senate.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump floods rally with audacious falsehoods

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump flooded his first postelection political rally with debunked conspiracy theories and audacious falsehoods Saturday as he claimed victory in an election he...

Trump’s Final Days of Rage and Denial

The last act of the Trump presidency has taken on the stormy elements of a drama more common to history or literature than a modern White House.

At Rally for Georgia Senators, Trump Focuses on His Own Grievances

The president falsely claimed the election was rigged and that he had won. Earlier, he urged Georgia’s governor to call a special legislative session to overturn Joe Biden’s win in the state.

BATTLEGROUND BLOG: Trump Attacks Election Results, Rips On Kemp At Georgia Rally

Georgia's election results were recertified Monday to show President-elect Joe Biden still won the state, as officials continue to forcefully debunk misinformation pushed by top Republicans seeking to cast doubt on election integrity.

Fact checking Trump's month of shifting, consistently baseless claims for why he lost the election

In the month since the election, President Donald Trump has grasped for seemingly any theory to explain why he lost to Joe Biden, no matter how outlandish -- dead people voted, poll watchers were illegally removed, foreign countries influenced the tabulation of the votes! Yet as his explanations have changed, they remain consistently untrue.

Trump fundraising to challenge election results is the real fraud

Our View: As Trump PAC and the Republican National Committee beg for money, the former reality TV star is again selling unreality to potential donors.

Wisconsin Supreme Court rebuffs Trump challenge to election results

Trump's team filed the petition, which challenged Wisconsin's election results and sought to invalidate 221,323 absentee ballots, directly to the state's top court on Tuesday. President-Elect Joe Biden won the majority of votes in Wisconsin, edging Trump out by about 20,000 votes, according to the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Ignoring warnings his lies could get people killed, Trump posts rant full of ‘unhinged’ falsehoods

Just days after a top Georgia official warned that President Donald Trump’s lies about the November election results are putting lives at risk, the outgoing incumbent late Wednesday released a 46-minute speech jam-packed with blatant falsehoods and fabrications about mass voter fraud that even his handpicked attorney general has rejected. Characterizing his remarks from the […]

Trump rehashes bogus vote-fraud claims for 46 minutes in his 'most important speech' ever

President Trump released a videotaped 46-minute address from the White House Wednesday that he said “may be the most important speech I’ve ever made.”

Trump 'stoking vast conspiracy' says Georgia election official

Gabriel Sterling, who's called out threats against workers, says the president's words "have consequences".

AP FACT CHECK: Trump clings to bevy of bogus election claims

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump clung to false notions Sunday that Joe Biden stole the presidential election, citing thousands of votes magically switched to the president-elect and poll...

How Trump is trying to confuse the public about the election outcome

Trump is running a "classic Russian-style disinformation campaign," known as the "firehose of falsehood," author Jonathan Rauch says.

'Trump blew it': How bogus voter fraud claims in Michigan became a 'national embarrassment' for the GOP

On Monday, November 23, the Michigan Board of State Canvassers voted, 3-1, to certify President-elect Joe Biden's victory over President Donald Trump in that state — officially giving Biden Michigan's 16 electoral votes in the 2020 presidential election. Trump and his allies, making bogus voter frau...

Trump tweets string of falsehoods about Wisconsin absentee voters

The president is casting doubt on Wisconsin’s election results, but every part of his claim is false.

Giuliani, flailing, says Venezuela, Clinton and Soros hatched 'centralized plan' to steal election for Biden

In another bizarre press conference, the president's personal lawyer lobbed unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in a desperate-sounding bid to overturn election results.

Trump Posts News So Fake That Tucker Carlson Had To Apologize For It

Trump's latest false claim was debunked before he even made it.

Trump uses lies and chicanery in Michigan to try to undo his defeat

GOP leaders cannot continue to stand by while the president undermines democracy.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump relies on falsehoods to deny Biden win

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump rebelled this past week against Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election with denial, delay and outright misrepresentation. Trump raged...

Trump blasted for ‘insane’ voter fraud claim even his own lawyers admit is false: ‘Pack your bags, loser’

President Donald Trump suggested that tens of thousands of votes were cast by dead people, and he was relentlessly fact-checked. The president cited the right-wing One America News outlet to baselessly claim Joe Biden’s vote totals were fraudulently inflated by deceased persons casting ballots. “Evidence of voter fraud continues to grow, including 20,000 dead people […]

AP FACT CHECK: Trump relies on falsehoods to deny Biden win

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump rebelled this past week against Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election with denial, delay and outright misrepresentation. Trump raged...

The far right is cracking up as fantasies of Trump's fascist takeover evaporate

The far right had a dream: That one day, people who had been exiled to the unacceptable margins of American political life could play the role of Donald Trump's brownshirts.In the weeks leading up to the election, excitement was rising among those Americans who convinced themselves that Trump would ...

Rudy Giuliani To Take Charge Of Trump's Election Lawsuits

Trump's advisers warn that Giuliani is giving the president “unwarranted optimism” about his chances of overturning the election results.

Trump administration ending like it began: lying about crowd size.

Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, said more than 1 million people attended the pro-Trump rally in D.C.

Trump gets called out for his long history of baselessly claiming that his election losses are ‘rigged’

Joe Biden is on track to win the presidency with the largest topline share of the popular vote of any challenger since Franklin Roosevelt in 1932. But President Donald Trump has refused to concede, continuing with a series of lawsuits and insisting that “if you count the votes, I easily win” but “they’re trying to […]

NYT shuts down Trump with epic front page banner: ‘ELECTION OFFICIALS NATIONWIDE FIND NO FRAUD’

President Donald Trump will awake on Wednesday to a brutal banner headline in The New York Times. “Election officials in dozens of states representing both political parties said that there was no evidence that fraud or other irregularities played a role in the outcome of the presidential race, amounting to a forceful rebuke of President […]

24‘Eight big Trump lies’ debunked in under three minutes by CNN’s John Avlon

CNN’s John Avlon on Wednesday performed a rapid-fire debunking of some of President Donald Trump’s most regularly repeated falsehoods. During his “Reality Check” segment, Avlon debunked what he described as “eight big Trump lies” that the president is still telling his supporters even after they have been repeatedly proven false. “Start with the five-volume, bipartisan […]

False claims of voting fraud, pushed by Trump, thrive online

It started months before Election Day with false claims on Facebook and Twitter that mail-in ballots cast for President Donald Trump had been chucked in dumpsters or rivers. Now, a week...

Fox News' Neil Cavuto Cuts Trump Campaign Press Conference

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto abruptly cut out of a Trump campaign press conference about a minute into Kayleigh McEnany making baseless and unverified claims of voter fraud.

Key witness for Giuliani's Four Seasons total humiliation press conference is convicted sex offender

Just when you think you’re done laughing at the totally humiliating ending of Rudy Giuliani’s career as Donald Trump’s personal attorney, it keeps getting more embarrassing for Giuliani and the Trump campaign. Like most of Trump’s unqualified...

Trump’s White House statement: Falsehood upon falsehood

With his reelection odds dwindling, the president spoke from the White House podium and said little that was true.

Fact check: Trump falsely claims 'illegal ballots' are changing the election

In a tweet thread Saturday morning President Donald Trump threw out baseless claims suggesting that "tens of thousands" of illegal ballots are being used to change the results in key states.

Trump berated and baffled European allies. They aren't sad to see him go.

President Donald Trump called Europe a "foe." He said the continent's cities were migrant-ridden, dangerous "no-go zones." He threw leaders into a panic with threats to withdraw from NATO.

Trump Lies About Winning Election, Baselessly Accuses Democrats Of Cheating

As Democrat Joe Biden gained ground in key states, the president peddled conspiracy theories about fraud and threatened legal action.

Trump Falsely Tries To Claim Victory As Votes Still Are Being Counted

Trump insisted he has “clearly” won Georgia and North Carolina, even though vote-counting is still ongoing.

Even Conservatives Think Trump’s Premature Declaration of Victory Was Bad

Donald Trump, who may or may not have won an election that it is impossible to know the result of because millions of ballots still haven’t been counted, took the stage at the White House shortly after 2 a.m. ET this morning to make good on his earlier signals that he would declare victory even if he hasn’t won.

Trump Tries to Subvert Democracy With False Victory Claim

The Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves.

Trump falsely claims 'we have already won' the election

Trump accuses Democrats of trying to steal the election, making false claims

Biden campaign slams Trump false victory claim: 'Naked effort to take away the democratic rights of American citizens'

With millions of votes still left to count and several key battleground states very much up for grabs, the Biden campaign issued a statement early Wednesday morning denouncing President Donald Trump's false declaration of victory, completely baseless claims of fraud, and threat to take his complaint...

Trump claims victory with many states still undeclared, hints at possible Supreme Court case

President Trump declared victory in multiple key battleground states early Wednesday, even though it remained unclear who had the votes to win, as Trump hinted the White House would push the Supreme Court to rule over disputed ballots, warning that a “very sad group of people” was trying to “disenfranchise” voters.

‘We already have won’: Trump claims election victory, threatens Supreme Court showdown

'This is a fraud on the American public. This is an embarrassment to our country,' the president raved early Wednesday.

Eye Opener: Trump falsely claims victory as millions of votes remain uncounted

President Trump falsesly claimed victory in the election while results are still being counted. Also, Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota voted to legalize recreational marijuana. All that and all that matters in today's Eye Opener. Your world in 90 seconds.

Trump claims victory, but he hasn’t won; ballots still being counted

Trump touted his wins in Florida and Texas and claimed without evidence that a “very sad group of people” was trying to disenfranchise his supporters.

Trump falsely asserts election fraud, claims a victory

President Trump prematurely declared victory early Wednesday morning, while Joe Biden said “we believe we’re on track to win this election.”

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