Chapter 31: Voter Suppression

Critics warn failed Trump coup has given way to 'brazen attempt' by GOP to undermine voting rights

Civil rights advocates and political observers are warning that while President Donald Trump has failed to introduce any successful challenges to the presidential election, which he decisively lost to President-elect Joe Biden on November 3, he and other Republicans have likely succeeded in laying t...

From Sidney Powell to Rudy Giuliani, who's who in Donald Trump's desperate last stand

A ragtag team of former aides, lawyers, elected Republicans and sycophants from the outside have grabbed Donald Trump's ear at a time when many of his longtime allies in government have backed away from the President's increasingly extreme ploys for staying in office.

House Republicans meet with Trump to discuss overturning election results

Trump loyalists are planning a last stand Jan. 6.

Trump assembles a ragtag crew of conspiracy-minded allies in flailing bid to reverse election loss

The president’s orbit has grown more extreme as his more mainstream allies, including Attorney General William P. Barr, have declined to endorse his increasingly radical plans to overturn the will of the voters.

‘Sadly, Mitch Forgot’: Trump Attacks McConnell In Email To GOP Lawmakers

President Donald Trump lashed out against Senate Majority Leader Mitch (R-KY) for finally acknowledging Joe Biden’s clear electoral win. Trump sent...

For weeks, the Trump campaign said the electoral college vote would decide the election

The Trump campaign at times pointed to the Dec. 14 electoral college vote as what would ultimately decide the election as it tried to overturn the results.

Wanna Win Georgia, Democrats? Go All-In for $15 Minimum Wage

As the Democratic party searches for a path forward after an underwhelming election, the answer should be clear. Double down on an issue that an overwhelming majority of Americans support.

'We had no idea': Florida newspaper apologizes for endorsing congressman who signed on to Trump coup attempt

Rep. Michael Waltz received the Orlando Sentinel's endorsement in the 2020 general election for Congress. On Thursday, Waltz joined onto the traitorous Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn the results in four states because they didn't break for Donald Trump. On Friday, the paper's Editorial Board form...

Wisconsin Supreme Court tosses Trump election lawsuit

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A narrowly divided Wisconsin Supreme Court on Monday rejected President Donald Trump’s lawsuit attempting to overturn his election loss in the battleground state about an hour...

Supreme Court: Battleground states issue blistering rebukes to Texas' lawsuit to invalidate millions of votes

Each of the four battleground states targeted by a Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn President Donald Trump's election defeat issued blistering briefs at the Supreme Court on Thursday, with Pennsylvania officials going so far as to call the effort a "seditious abuse of the judicial process."

READ: Pennsylvania's response to Texas' Supreme Court lawsuit

Pennsylvania called Texas' lawsuit at the Supreme Court to throw out millions of ballots a "seditious abuse of the judicial process."

Fact checking Trump's falsehood-filled Supreme Court brief

President Donald Trump filed a brief at the Supreme Court on Wednesday that featured some of the same false and misleading claims Trump has been making on Twitter.

Democratic, Republican states feud over Supreme Court election dispute

Legal experts agreed the Supreme Court, even with six conservative justices, is unlikely to hear the Texas challenge for a long list of reasons.

Whitmer slams Michigan GOP over its actions toward Trump-opposing Democratic lawmaker

After a leveling blistering rebuke of President Donald Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, Rep. Cynthia Johnson (D-Mich.) was faced with stark criticism -- and now Michigan House Republicans have stripped her committee assignments including her appointment to the House Oversight Committee. Ther...

Hundreds of GOP members sign onto Texas-led election lawsuit

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Friday rejected a lawsuit backed by President Donald Trump to overturn Joe Biden’s election victory, ending a desperate attempt to get legal issues rejected...

Federal judge casts doubt on Trump's Wisconsin lawsuit

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A federal judge Thursday cast doubt on President Donald Trump's lawsuit that seeks to overturn Joe Biden's win in Wisconsin, declaring it “incredible” that Trump didn't raise...

Here’s what happened when a Georgia lawmaker scrutinized the Trump campaign’s list of allegedly illegal votes

Democratic state Rep. Bee Nguyen found that a list submitted as part of a Trump lawsuit in the state included two of her friends and a constituent.

In Trump Election Fight, Pennsylvania GOP State Legislators Urge Supreme Court to Side Against Their Own State

Keystone State lawmakers want the Supreme Court to support Trump and Texas’ longshot lawsuit to overturn election results.

U.S. Supreme Court rejects Republican challenge to Biden's Pennsylvania win

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday handed a defeat to Republicans seeking to throw out up to 2.5 million mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania as they try to undo President Donald Trump's election loss, with the justices refusing to block the state from formalizing President-elect Joe Biden's victory there.

What Matters: Trump's window for election subversion is closing

President Donald Trump's legal team for weeks has worked to delay the certification of Joe Biden's election win in a long-shot effort to create an opening for Trump stay in power.

Georgia Election Lawsuits: Trump Campaign Files Better Case, But Time Is Running

The new Georgia lawsuit raises significant and highly specific claims of illegality, in a departure from the approach of prior suits.

Nevada's Top Court Rejects Trump Campaign's Appeal To Overturn Election Results

It was the latest court failure for Trump and his allies, who have lost dozens of cases in state and federal courts.

Trump appeals to legislatures and Supreme Court in attempt to overturn the election he lost

President Donald Trump made an explicit appeal to lawmakers and the US Supreme Court on Tuesday to help him overturn the results of an election he lost, his latest and most vocal attempt to cling to power even as his presidency comes to an end.

Biden's popular vote margin over Trump tops 7 million

President-elect Joe Biden's margin over President Donald Trump in the nationwide popular vote is now more than 7 million votes and may continue to grow as several states continue counting votes.

Trump tells GA Gov. Kemp to 'call off election' because 'it won't be needed'

Donald Trump is heading to Georgia on Saturday for an appearance with Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. The purpose of the visit is supposedly to drive turnout for the runoff election coming in January, but on Tuesday...

The Electoral College, Slavery, and the Founders Fear of Democracy

Media Watch with Eric Tait, Bob Anthony, and Alan Singer analyzes the Presidential Election on Manhattan Neighborhood Network cable television. The Electoral College “meets” on Monday December 14 to certify the election of Joseph Biden as the 46th...

Republican U.S. judges choose Constitution over Trump as election fraud cases keep failing

Federal judges appointed by Republican and Democratic presidents alike have struck down the Trump campaign’s allegations of widespread voter fraud in every case on which they have ruled, according to a Yahoo News review of post-election federal complaints.

Real Voter Fraud Uncovered

A bizarre, hilarious and maddening story out of Georgia. A Florida Republican lawyer from Bay County, Florida is caught on...

Barr: No evidence of election fraud that would swing the race for Trump

The attorney general becomes the highest-ranking official to break with Trump over claims that the election was stolen.

There sure is evidence of fraud. Just not the fraud Trump is ranting about.

It’s a fraud aimed at poor saps suckered into Trump’s phony war.

Chris Krebs explains why President Trump's claims of election interference are false

Chris Krebs, a lifelong Republican, was put in charge of the agency handling election security by President Trump two years ago. When Krebs said the election was the country's most secure ever, Mr. Trump fired him. Now, Krebs speaks to Scott Pelley.

Trump attorney openly admits to judge under penalty of perjury that there’s no election fraud

An attorney for the Trump campaign admitted in court on Tuesday that a lawsuit against the local elections board is not alleging election fraud. Trump campaign attorney Jonathan S. Goldstein made the statement while arguing that the Montgomery County Board of Elections must halt the counting of 592 mail-in ballots. During the oral arguments, the […]

Biden’s vote lead hits 5 million. Trump’s loss shifts from ‘spanking’ to ‘shellacking’

76,983,892 Americans who voted for Joe Biden as the 46th president have had their votes counted by early Wednesday US time, compared with just 71,915,939 for Donald Trump. That is a lead in the popular vote of more than five million. This is now a...

Postal worker admits fabricating Pennsylvania ballot tampering claims, officials say

A Pennsylvania postal worker whose claims have been cited by top Republicans as potential evidence of widespread voting irregularities recanted to U.S. Postal Service investigators.

Trump Admits He’s Starving the Postal Service to Sabotage Voting by Mail

Trump is tampering with the November election in plain sight by trying to inhibit perfectly legal voting by mail and plotting to contest a defeat.

When a president sabotages his own country

In the end, the biggest interference in America's elections didn't come from Russia, or China, or Iran or North Korea. It came from the president of the United States. As I write this, we st

Trump refuses to concede and keeps pushing cases of voter fraud

Donald Trump is refusing to concede and go quietly as he and other Republicans keep pushing a narrative of voter fraud without evidence.

Misinformation used in attempt to prove dead people voted in Michigan

This kind of misinformation about dead voters is spreading online with support from people in Trump’s campaign, despite offering no hard evidence.

CodePink Defends Georgia Senate Candidate Raphael Warnock After GOP Opponent's 'Anti-Semitism' Smear

"Denouncing Israeli occupation is NOT anti-Semitic," the women-led peace group stressed after Sen. Kelly Loeffler attacked her Democratic challenger over a 2019 letter.

The world celebrates after Joe Biden wins the 2020 presidential election

Celebrations erupted the world over on November 7, 2020 when Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election by a slew of U.S. news outlets. Across the States and the world, supporters cheered, hugged, and waved American flags and photos of Biden in the wake of his victory.

How Joe Biden Navigated Pandemic Politics To Win The White House

Biden defined himself early on as a responsible foil to Trump.

Inside Trump's loss: A culmination of self-destructive decisions

When the White House essentially relocated to Air Force One over the final weeks of the campaign, President Donald Trump had a common reaction whenever he saw his rival Joe Biden appear on one of the airplane's many televisions.

Evangelicals told Trump he was 'chosen' by God. Now he says it, too

Even for a bottomless pit of narcissism like Donald Trump, Wednesday was an exceptional day for self-aggrandizement. Early in the day, Trump tweeted quotes from one of his more sycophantic — and unhinged — followers, Wayne Allyn Root, calling Trump the "King of Israel" and "the second coming of God....

Trump says he spoke to God about economy, believes God will help him rebuild it again

President Donald Trump revealed he spoke to God about the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic and God told him He’s going to have him rebuild “the greatest economy in the history of the world” again.

Nearly half of Republicans think God wanted Trump to be president

More than half of white evangelical Protestants agree.

Trump Whines: Why Isn’t Barr Coming to Save Me?

The desire within Trump and his senior staff for a DOJ rescue was palpable, as the vote count kept going more and more in Joe Biden’s direction.

Trump Wanted Top Notch Re-Election Lawyers. He Got a MAGA Clown Show.

The main people fighting for the president’s campaign right now are an assortment of MAGA celebrities and Internet personalities.

Trump delivers a pathetic stream of lies from the White House as he desperately tries to claim victory

As election officials continue to count ballots across the country, President Donald Trump delivered a low-energy and belabored speech in the White House press room on Thursday in a desperate effort to seize control of the narrative.His strategy was clear. He wanted to cast doubt on the results of t...

Renowned psychoanalyst charges ‘sadist’ Trump with ‘malignant neglect’ — and says he deserves ‘permanent quarantine on November 3’

A sadist walks into a pandemic….On October 30, CNN reported that in his recent rallies Trump made a series of baseless claims that doctors were inflating the coronavirus death count for their own monetary gain, despite the fact that COVID cases and deaths are rapidly surging across our country. At a...

Trump's spiritual adviser attempts to pray the fail away

Donald Trump has lost. I don’t think I’m jinxing anything by saying that. Look here … Pennsylvania ends it. Which is nice, because we also have Nevada in the bag … So right now we’re at the part in the movie where the villain has lost his lower torso...

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