Chapter 33: Attacks on the Media

The Cost of Trump’s Assault on the Press and the Truth

The President is being forced to give up his attempt to overturn the election. But he will continue his efforts to build an alternative reality around himself.

Trump accuses media of ‘election law violation’ for reporting on COVID pandemic

President Donald Trump on Monday accused the American media of trying to illegally interfere in the 2020 presidential election by accurately report on the novel coronavirus pandemic."We have made tremendous progress with the China Virus, but the Fake News refuses to talk about it this close to the E...

Trump Gleefully Praises Violence Against Journalists as a “Beautiful Sight”

"They threw him aside like he was a little bag of popcorn."

Fox News Reporter Nails The Hypocrisy Of Trump's Attacks On Anonymous Sources

“People are picking and choosing when they want to hear from anonymous sources," said national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin.

Opinion | Trump’s flagrant assault on the First Amendment is disguised as a defense of it

His bullying of Twitter and an FCC commissioner send the same message.

Trump: Media Is 'Dishonest and Corrupt'

The GOP presidential nominee blames the media for his faltering campaign.

Judge Bans Federal Officers From Targeting Media In Portland Amid Ongoing Protests

A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order, saying: "When wrongdoing is underway, officials have great incentive to blindfold the eyes" of the ...

Seth Meyers shames the media for gushing over Trump’s managing to read a statement at the COVID-19 briefing

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers is astounded by the bigotry of low expectations as the media gushes over President Donald Trump, who finally decided after six months that the coronavirus pandemic is real. Reading off headlines from outlets like Bloomberg, ABC News and CNN for blubbering about Trump’s new “tone.” After four years of questions […]

Trump complains about Dr. Fauci having higher poll numbers than him in rant against ‘fake news’
The Deadly Consequences Of Trump's Attacks On The Media In A Pandemic

Trump said the media is "angry" and is trying to "inflame" the coronavirus crisis. Plenty of people on social media agree with him.

Trump’s latest attack on the media is more heinous than usual

An ugly question, followed by an even uglier answer.

Why Trump's constant attacks on an independent press are so dangerous

One of the most consistent features of the chaotic Trump presidency are the attacks against the press.

Trump’s Attacks on the News Media Are Working

The journalism industry wasn’t built to withstand the torrent of unsubstantiated claims coming from @realDonaldTrump and elsewhere.

Donald Trump’s Lies, Misogyny And Loyalty Problems On Full Display In New Attack Ads

The conservative Lincoln Project, progressive MeidasTouch and author Don Winslow targeted the president with their new viral videos.

Senators rip Trump over his attacks on the media

U.S. Senator Jeff Flake on Wednesday castigated President Donald Trump for his attacks on the media, comparing his fellow Republican to former Soviet dictator Josef Stalin and charging that Trump inspires modern-day authoritarians. In a rare intra-party rebuke from the Senate floor, Flake said Trump’s portrayal of…

Why Donald Trump attacks the media

He wants positive coverage for himself and critical coverage of his foes, writes Anthony Zurcher.

Trump viciously attacks NBC News reporter in extended rant after being asked for message to Americans worried about coronavirus

In an extraordinary exchange on Friday, President Donald Trump viciously attacked an NBC News reporter who asked what his message would be to Americans who are frightened by the coronavirus pandemic that is spreading across the country.

Trump has sown hatred of the press for years. Now journalists are under assault from police and protesters alike

The president didn’t start this ugly cycle of media-bashing. But he’s made it immeasurably worse.

Trump Attacks "Lamestream Media" for Not Focusing on Jobs Numbers

President Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning to assail media outlets for not focusing on a Department of Labor report issued Friday that showed a drop in the unemployment rate as protests against racial injustice and police brutality continue unabated across the nation. “The Lamestream Media refuses to talk about our Country’s record setting … Continue reading "Trump Attacks “Lamestream Media” for Not Focusing on Jobs Numbers"

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