Chapter 5: Physical Health

‘He does not sound well’: Trump’s health questioned after repeated pronunciation failures at Iowa rally

President Donald Trump on Wednesday held his third daily campaign rally after returning to the campaign trail following his hospitalization for COVID-19. Trump rallied supporters in Iowa, despite local fears his rally would be a coronavirus super-spreader event. Indeed, there was no social distancing and few masks at the event. barely a mask to be […]

Trump dodges tough questions on his health during rambling Tucker Carlson interview

Donald Trump's appearance on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show, less than a week since the president returned from being hospitalized for COVID-19, revealed very little about Trump's health or infectiousness. Yet unintentionally, the president seems to have dropped some clues about the seriousness of h...

Fact check: Trump's hospital records, weight have not been released

Social media posts claim President Donald Trump is underrepresenting his weight by nearly 80 pounds. His latest physical results reveal this is false.

Medical doctor explains why Trump's clinical status 'is much worse than he is letting on'

White House physician Dr. Sean Conley and members of Donald Trump's Walter Reed-based medical team held another press conference today to describe Trump's medical condition and, once again, it was anything but informative. Conley did attempt to explain his refusal yesterday to admit that Trump has h...

Timeline of Trump's Illness Confounds Experts, But Critics Say What's Clear Is President 'Knowingly Exposed People' to Covid-19

"A thing that happens when you lie compulsively for that NO ONE F***ING BELIEVES YOU."

This is exactly why we need to know the truth about Trump’s health

Public confidence and national security demand that Americans be given the straight story about the president's condition and treatment.

What we know about Trump’s trip to a hospital in November

A new book renews questions about an unannounced visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland.

Dana Milbank says Trump should play more golf.

Seriously. That’s the point of this Washington Post op ed today. There is a LOT of delicious satire in the piece, including a link to a piece in May by Andy Borowitz suggesting that Dr. Fauci wanted Trump to play MORE, not less, golf. But then Milbank...

Donald Trump wrote own health letter, says physician Harold Bornstein

A note on Donald Trump's "astonishing" health was dictated by Mr Trump, his ex-doctor says.

Will Trump Live to 500? The president underwent an extensive physical exam this week. His doctor’s rosy assessment is at odds with observable reality.

The president underwent an extensive physical exam this week. His doctor’s rosy assessment is at odds with observable reality.

A former Obama health official blasted Trump physician's report: 'No doctor can predict someone's future health'

A lawyer and former Obama administration official blasted the statement of White House physician Sean Conley praising President Donald Trump's "very good health," calling it a "disgrace."

Doctor: Trump Dictated Letter Attesting To His 'Extraordinary' Health

Dr. Harold Bornstein, who released a letter in 2015 describing Donald Trump's health in glowing terms, now tells CNN that the then-candidate dictated the whole thing.

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