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The Final 30 Days of the Trump Presidency Will Be Its Most Terrifying

You think, as Sinclair Lewis put it, it can’t happen here, right? Think again! It can—and it has.

Here's how the rest of Trump's desperate effort to stay in power will play out

Donald Trump isn't about to concede the presidential election to Joe Biden. Not now, and seemingly, not ever.Anyone who has followed Trump closely knows two things about the man that make it relatively easy to anticipate his next move. The first is that, ideologically, Trump is a fascist who has no ...

Trump threatens 30-day reign of destruction on the way out of office

Joe Biden will be president in 30 days. Until then, the question is how much damage can be done by a vengeful, delusional soon-to-be ex-President swilling conspiracy theories, whose wild anti-democratic instincts are being encouraged by fringe political opportunists.

Are the worst days of the Trump presidency still ahead?

Trump and martial law: Can it get worse? Yes.

Trump's eye-for-an-eye endgame

Trump does unto Biden what he believes was done unto him

Trump's ultimate self-own

He had months to get another pandemic rescue, and didn't even try

Trump Threatens SCOTUS with "Disruption" If They Don't Take His Case

Trump is once again asking the Supreme Court (PDF) to overturn the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s multiple rulings on the mail-in ballots in the election. Rick Hasen on Election Law blog said that the petition was ridiculous, that John Eastman should be...

Trump didn’t attempt a coup. He threw a temper tantrum that never had a chance.
Trump remains silent as massive cyber hack poses 'grave risk' to government

When President Donald Trump convened his Cabinet at the White House Wednesday as Washington absorbed news of a massive data breach, the heads of most agencies relevant to the intrusion — including the Department of Defense, the State Department, the Justice Department, the director of national intelligence and the Central Intelligence Agency — were absent.

Trump's last days: Report says president personally pressured more than 150 Republicans to overturn election

President Donald Trump's last days are filled with chaos, erratic decisions and impulsive behavior, according to insiders familiar with his battle to overturn the outcome of the election. According to Politico, many of the president's advisors have repeatedly urged him to concede and let go of his l...

Is Trump Cracking Under the Weight of Losing?

Getting the boot from the White House is an undeniable ego blow for a man who has never admitted defeat.

Trump is asking Georgia voters to help GOP Senate candidates — and keeping the money for himself: report

In Georgia, one of five states that President-elect Joe Biden flipped in the 2020 presidential election, President Donald Trump has been campaigning for two incumbent GOP senators who are facing runoffs in January: Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Sen. David Perdue. But according to Politico reporter Alex Is...

Trump Tells GOPers To ‘Get Moving’ Even After Electoral College Locks In His Defeat

President Donald Trump early Tuesday morning demanded his fellow Republicans take action against the election results somehow even after the...

As Electoral College confirms Biden's victory, Republicans still work to support Trump's fantasies

The New York Times notes that some Republicans “warily” acknowledged the outcome of the Electoral College vote. That acknowledgement came in the form of statements like those of Lindsey Graham …

It’s Not Just Trump’s War on Democracy Anymore

Republicans have gone far beyond merely humoring their losing leader.

Trump declares Georgia’s GOP governor a ‘moron’ and ‘nutjob’ as Republican civil war intensifies: report

President Donald Trump is trashing Georgia’s GOP governor even worse in private than on Twitter, according to a new report by CNN. “In the politics lead today, Georgia Republicans say that they are concerned about President Trump’s planned rally tomorrow in Georgia,” CNN’s Jake Tapper reported. “They worry that it could actually discourage Republican voter […]

America, it’s time to say this out loud: The president has a serious personality disorder

Watching Trump's bone-chilling YouTube ravings Wednesday night, in which he vomited up a full menu of long-disproven election conspiracies, it was hard to believe such a sorry spectacle was happening in America. And while very little of Trump's 46-minute, self-abasing rant made much sense, one thing...

RNC Reportedly Dropped $300,000 To Buy Donald Trump Jr.'s Latest Book

Contributor cash goes to buy the president's son's book as a "donor memento" for those who fork out for the GOP.

Even the election dubbed 'the fraud of the century' doesn't compare to Trump's 2020 attempted election theft: historian

The Fraud of the Century is a book by historian Roy Morris Jr., about the 1876 election that put Republican Rutherford B. Hayes into the White House over Democrat Samuel Tilden. If Donald Trump had gotten his way, the 2020 election would be a shoo-in to claim that title for the 21st century. Despite...

In a Facebook Rant, Trump Amplifies His Delusions of Election Fraud
274,000 Dead, and Trump Obsesses Over Election Conspiracy Theories. Where’s the Outrage?
Trump's advisors are frantically trying to stop him from firing Attorney General Barr as the president's fury hits a boiling point

President Donald Trump is said to be angry Bill Barr failed to deliver on a politically charged inquiry into the origins of the Russia investigation.

Donald Trump PAC has pocketed most of the cash he bilked from his supporters to fund election lawsuits: report

President Donald Trump has raised about $170 million from his aggressive fundraising campaign ostensibly aimed at fueling his baseless election challenges, but the majority of the money is actually going to the new political action committee he set up after the election, according to The New York Times. Trump has bombarded supporters with appeals for cash as he […]

Trump reportedly won't attend Biden's inauguration or invite Biden family to White House

Donald Trump has now said that he will leave the White House if the Electoral College votes him out, but don’t take that as a sign that Trump will ever—ever, ever—issue anything that can be perceived as a confession. Trump just wants to deny the nation...

The Bridges of Edison County emerge in the Trumpist parallel universe, aka The Phantom Zone

"It has all gone too far," Trump continues to raise money off a highly confused grift, and still remains unindicted. Why it matters: Speculation over Barr's fate grew on Tuesday, with just 49 days remaining in Trump's presidency, after Barr gave...

Why is Trump Bragging that He Presided Over the Biggest 'ELECTION HOAX' Ever?

Nearly a month after election day Donald Trump is still dodging reality as if it's an Elm Street nightmare that threatens his mortal soul. He refuses to accept that he lost to Joe Biden by a decisive margin that has been validated by every state...

‘Whiny kid’ Trump’s tantrums over election loss getting ignored by Pennsylvania swing county voters

President Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election are being met with shrugs in a key Pennsylvania swing county that helped deliver the state to President-elect Joe Biden this year. The New York Times reports that many Biden voters in Bucks County say they aren’t worried about Trump’s frantic efforts to […]

Trump Throws Election Tantrum

President Donald Trump continues to reject the election results, as President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take over the White House in January.

Trump presidency's final days: 'In his mind, he will not have lost'

An eerie quiet has descended on the White House as attempts to challenge the election result founder.

'Well That Was Weird as Sh*t': As More States Certify His Defeat, Trump Holds 60-Second Briefing to Brag About Stock Market

As the president refused to concede defeat, Pennsylvania and Nevada certified President-elect Joe Biden's victories and dealt a major blow to the Trump campaign's legal ploy.

Trump, the Absolute Worst Loser
Donald Trump vows to ‘never concede’ in late night conspiracy-filled rant

Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential to President-elect Joe Biden, but is still refusing to concede.White House aides reportedly convinced him to allow Biden to begin his transition by telling him he did not need to use the word "concede."But that word appeared to be on his mind late Monday night...

Trump will forever be known as a loser

Come Jan. 20, there will be no more Trump presidency and no coup d’état assisted by either his Supreme Court, a beheaded military run by addled conspiracists or another freakish alignment in the electoral college.

Trump is going out the way he came in: A loser, a liar and a cheat

It’s one of the sad truths of the human experience that you can’t count tears. Maybe the first few you might be able to, but then they just flow from your eyes, running down your cheeks until you can taste them on your lips, a flood of salty sorrow and pain and helplessness. This article […]

Donald Trump Confronts a New Label: Loser

For the first time in a life that has been free of consequences for his failures, Trump has been held to account on the world’s largest stage. redirects to Trump’s Wikipedia page as he refuses to concede

Rapper/fashion designer Kanye West has also been linked to the page. The website has been rerouted to President Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page since Monday, per The Independent, after he refused to concede his election loss to President-elect Joe Biden. Actor Mark Hamill was one of the first to discover the link and tweeted about it.

Trump Becomes a Bigger Loser Every Day

As each day unfolds with Trump failing to concede the election results or do anything sane about containing the covid pandemic, he is setting himself to go down as the biggest loser among all US presidents.  [You can get off the hot seat now,...

How history judges sore losers: Donald Trump, be warned

Our brand-conscious president, Donald Trump, believes the worst label you can apply to a person in America is “loser.” He is wrong. The worst label is “sore loser.”

Loser: Donald Trump derided defeat – now he must live with it

What was once the president’s go-to insult now unequivocally applies to him, as his record of failure finally catches up with him

25 Brutal Memes Proving Trump Is A Supreme Loser

A roundup of the funniest memes and tweets mocking President Donald Trump for being a complete and total loser. See Also: 40 Brutal Memes Proving Trump Is A Moron

‘Loser in chief’ Trump trolled by columnist for his ‘gratifyingly dismal’ record in the courts

In her column for the Washington Post, longtime political observer Ruth Marcus ridiculed Donald Trump for absorbing yet another setback in the courts this past week, using the president’s own words to brand him as a “loser.” Echoing the president who labeled US military prisoners of war and those who lost their lives defending the […]

Michael Cohen Predicts When And How 'Loser' Trump Leaves The White House

The former personal attorney and fixer to the president also said Trump probably would not attend the inauguration.

Fuck His Feelings,Trump’s a Loser and His Followers Are Whiners

These pleas for kindness toward members of a vicious American political movement are par for the course for people who genuinely believe that their humanity trumps everyone else’s.

Donald Trump is a loser, plus 14 things we gain by him losing

And thankfully, we’ll also be losing these 14 things as we usher the loser out and welcome Joe Biden as the new president.

Trump, the Absolute Worst Loser

Trump, the Absolute Worst Loser | RealClearPolitics

Trump returns to White House after golfing to chants of "Loser!"

Trump's motorcade returned from his golf club in Virginia via roads largely cleared of other cars and people Saturday afternoon. But as he approached the White House, he was welcomed home with boos, raised middle fingers and chants of "Loser!"

Republicans sold out democracy to appease Trump's loser tantrum

The GOP will admit Joe Biden won the election now that the General Services Administration started the transition, but the damage is already done.

Trump has used bullying to cultivate an illusion of winning — but losing is a defining feature of his life: Biographer

President Donald Trump is throwing an epic temper tantrum over his election loss, but one of his biographers said losing has been the defining feature of his life. The president cultivates an image of winning, but journalist Tim O’Brien wrote a new Bloomberg column cataloguing some of the key moments in Trump’s life where he […]

President Trump Is an Epic Loser in the Courts and Voting Booth

Everyone who knows election law is on the same page at this point — Trump has not only lost the election at the ballot box, but also in the court room

Trump asked if he is 'sore loser' by CNN reporter Jim Acosta after baseless rant about election fraud

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