Chapter 6: Mental Health

'Well That Was Weird as Sh*t': As More States Certify His Defeat, Trump Holds 60-Second Briefing to Brag About Stock Market

As the president refused to concede defeat, Pennsylvania and Nevada certified President-elect Joe Biden's victories and dealt a major blow to the Trump campaign's legal ploy.

Trump, the Absolute Worst Loser
Donald Trump vows to ‘never concede’ in late night conspiracy-filled rant

Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential to President-elect Joe Biden, but is still refusing to concede.White House aides reportedly convinced him to allow Biden to begin his transition by telling him he did not need to use the word "concede."But that word appeared to be on his mind late Monday night...

Trump will forever be known as a loser

Come Jan. 20, there will be no more Trump presidency and no coup d’état assisted by either his Supreme Court, a beheaded military run by addled conspiracists or another freakish alignment in the electoral college.

Trump is going out the way he came in: A loser, a liar and a cheat

It’s one of the sad truths of the human experience that you can’t count tears. Maybe the first few you might be able to, but then they just flow from your eyes, running down your cheeks until you can taste them on your lips, a flood of salty sorrow and pain and helplessness. This article […]

Donald Trump Confronts a New Label: Loser

For the first time in a life that has been free of consequences for his failures, Trump has been held to account on the world’s largest stage. redirects to Trump’s Wikipedia page as he refuses to concede

Rapper/fashion designer Kanye West has also been linked to the page. The website has been rerouted to President Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page since Monday, per The Independent, after he refused to concede his election loss to President-elect Joe Biden. Actor Mark Hamill was one of the first to discover the link and tweeted about it.

Trump Becomes a Bigger Loser Every Day

As each day unfolds with Trump failing to concede the election results or do anything sane about containing the covid pandemic, he is setting himself to go down as the biggest loser among all US presidents.  [You can get off the hot seat now,...

How history judges sore losers: Donald Trump, be warned

Our brand-conscious president, Donald Trump, believes the worst label you can apply to a person in America is “loser.” He is wrong. The worst label is “sore loser.”

Loser: Donald Trump derided defeat – now he must live with it

What was once the president’s go-to insult now unequivocally applies to him, as his record of failure finally catches up with him

25 Brutal Memes Proving Trump Is A Supreme Loser

A roundup of the funniest memes and tweets mocking President Donald Trump for being a complete and total loser. See Also: 40 Brutal Memes Proving Trump Is A Moron

‘Loser in chief’ Trump trolled by columnist for his ‘gratifyingly dismal’ record in the courts

In her column for the Washington Post, longtime political observer Ruth Marcus ridiculed Donald Trump for absorbing yet another setback in the courts this past week, using the president’s own words to brand him as a “loser.” Echoing the president who labeled US military prisoners of war and those who lost their lives defending the […]

Michael Cohen Predicts When And How 'Loser' Trump Leaves The White House

The former personal attorney and fixer to the president also said Trump probably would not attend the inauguration.

Fuck His Feelings,Trump’s a Loser and His Followers Are Whiners

These pleas for kindness toward members of a vicious American political movement are par for the course for people who genuinely believe that their humanity trumps everyone else’s.

Donald Trump is a loser, plus 14 things we gain by him losing

And thankfully, we’ll also be losing these 14 things as we usher the loser out and welcome Joe Biden as the new president.

Trump, the Absolute Worst Loser

Trump, the Absolute Worst Loser | RealClearPolitics

Trump returns to White House after golfing to chants of "Loser!"

Trump's motorcade returned from his golf club in Virginia via roads largely cleared of other cars and people Saturday afternoon. But as he approached the White House, he was welcomed home with boos, raised middle fingers and chants of "Loser!"

Republicans sold out democracy to appease Trump's loser tantrum

The GOP will admit Joe Biden won the election now that the General Services Administration started the transition, but the damage is already done.

Trump has used bullying to cultivate an illusion of winning — but losing is a defining feature of his life: Biographer

President Donald Trump is throwing an epic temper tantrum over his election loss, but one of his biographers said losing has been the defining feature of his life. The president cultivates an image of winning, but journalist Tim O’Brien wrote a new Bloomberg column cataloguing some of the key moments in Trump’s life where he […]

President Trump Is an Epic Loser in the Courts and Voting Booth

Everyone who knows election law is on the same page at this point — Trump has not only lost the election at the ballot box, but also in the court room

Trump asked if he is 'sore loser' by CNN reporter Jim Acosta after baseless rant about election fraud
AP FACT CHECK: Trump's flailing effort resting on mendacity

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump's flailing attempt to cling to office after voters decisively chose to oust him has taken the country into a dark and fictional place. According to...

A vindictive Trump seeks to undermine Biden’s presidency

Overturning the election was never really possible. Instead he wants his followers, and even some Republican lawmakers, to see Biden as illegitimate.

Trump deploys familiar intimidation tactics post-election

President Trump has summoned state lawmakers to the White House and broadsided GOP officials on Twitter, but his efforts are falling short.

Jonah Goldberg: To the end, Trump’s presidency is all about him

For the rest of us, the one thing we won’t ever feel about the Trump presidency is nostalgia. 

Trump is engaging in U.S. history’s deadliest-ever sulk

While the outgoing president pouts about the election results, U.S. covid-19 cases and deaths are multiplying.

Trump Refuses To Concede Because It Will Make Him Look Like A Loser

Trump is refusing to concede defeat to Joe Biden because he doesn't want to look like a loser and mess with his brand.

Trump is in the midst of a ‘temper tantrum’ with his ‘I WON THE ELECTION’ tweet: reporter

President Donald Trump late on Sunday night unleashed an angry all-caps tweet that falsely declared, “I WON THE ELECTION!” Politico reporter Anna Palmer on Monday told CNN that the president is still in denial about having lost the election to President-elect Joe Biden and compared his actions to those of a toddler. “The president seems […]

‘The Trump Presidency’ reviewed: Time to close the curtain on this dismal drama
On his way out, Trump salts the earth behind him

To call him a sore loser doesn't begin to describe the damage he's doing.

Goodbye, Golden Goose

Time for Donald Trump to head down Sunset Boulevard.

Thousands Are Dying, but Trump’s Busy Proving the Election Was Rigged

The entire country is being crushed by the virus, Trump doesn’t care, Biden does, but he can’t do anything about it.

Harvard Psychologist: Trump Has ‘Serious’ Mental Health Problem

Donald Trump is "psychologically incapable of competently discharging the duties of President of the United States," according to 60,000 U.S. mental health professionals.

The Final Gasp of Donald Trump’s Presidency

Inside the White House on election week.

Recognize What This Is: A Final Attempt of a Desperate, Bitter Man to Cling to Power

Why this effort to steal an election and corrupt democracy won't work... Joe Biden has won. He will be our next president. Normally, the loser of the race would give a gracious concession speech, and accept the results. That won’t happen this time around, because Donald Trump is a pathological narcissist who will never admit defeat. But there’s no legal requirement for the losing candidate to formally concede—it’s just another tradition Trump will choose to ignore. 

Renowned psychoanalyst charges ‘sadist’ Trump with ‘malignant neglect’ — and says he deserves ‘permanent quarantine on November 3’

A sadist walks into a pandemic….On October 30, CNN reported that in his recent rallies Trump made a series of baseless claims that doctors were inflating the coronavirus death count for their own monetary gain, despite the fact that COVID cases and deaths are rapidly surging across our country. At a...

Donald Trump Undermines Confidence in the Election

Donald Trump may hug and kiss the flag, but he is undermining our election’s legitimacy and our government.

Trump's baseless, ridiculous election 'fraud' allegations continue to be laughed out of court

There really can't be a better metaphor for the Trump campaign's legal assault on the election than the Four Seasons Total debacle from Rudy Giuliani Saturday. Every tawdry, cringeworthy, slimy, corrupt part of it. And that's not taking into account...

Trump is now sabotaging national security to soothe his bruised ego

His refusal to accept the election results, even though it wasn’t a particularly close election, has taken an insidious new turn.

The world is laughing: Trump's flailing is turning American democracy into 'a global joke'

Donald Trump has humiliated the United States on the global stage so often over the past four years, but his efforts to stop vote counting and undermine the results of the elections are something special. And the world is taking notice.According to one Japanese newspaper, "responsibility for fanning...

Trump is in an ‘uncontrollable rage’: Mary Trump says ‘somebody has to step in and stop’ her uncle

The president's niece dissected her uncle's highly controversial press conference during a Thursday evening appearance on MSNBC.Anchor Lawrence O'Donnell asked Mary Trump what she saw watching Donald Trump's address to the nation."Well, we're seeing a man who is in a unique position," she replied. "...

As Joe Biden Closes In On 2020 Election Victory, Trump Lashes Out With Flood Of Lies

As Trump's path to a second term grew steadily more improbable, he delivered a dishonest press conference to undermine the legitimacy of the election.

‘Mind-blowing’: Experts stunned by 3 AM Trump tweets threatening Supreme Court Justices

President Donald Trump in the middle of the night launched a 45 minute Twitter tantrum that ended with an attack on the Supreme Court’s justices, one-third of whom he placed on the bench. Trump clearly was furious about a recent ruling handed down by eight of the now-nine justices. The Court ruled that Pennsylvania and […]

Trump says report that he failed to pay $287 million debt tied to failing hotel shows he’s a 'smart guy'

President Donald Trump had $287 million in debt forgiven by his lenders after failing to repay loans tied to his Chicago hotel and other projects, according to a new report.Trump's federal income tax returns obtained by The News Times showed that most of the debt was tied to Trump International Hote...

Yes, Trump Was Calmer in Debate No. 2. He’s Still a Narcissist With No Sense of Empathy.
What happens when a narcissist loses? Expect "rage" and "terror," psychologists warn

"A truly significant loss… may trigger not only a reign of terror but destruction without limit," one expert says

Manhood on the ballot: Trump's self-absorbed bullying vs. Biden's compassion and humility

Voters have a choice between Trump's outdated, unhealthy version of manhood and Biden's liberating masculinity that frees men to live healthier lives.

Mary Trump sheds light on the president’s bizarre pattern of psychological projection

President Donald Trump’s niece, psychologist Mary Trump, appeared Friday on CNN to discuss her uncle’s behavior during the recent president debate. CNN host Anderson Cooper noted that Tony Schwartz, who is best known for ghostwriting “Trump: The Art of the Deal,” has said “that when the president attacks people, the words he uses, the attacks […]

New York Times publishes ANOTHER Trump Tax Exposé: He's cheap

New York Times: “Trump’s Philanthropy: Big Tax Write-Offs and Claims That Don’t Always Add Up” In President Trump’s telling, he is a committed philanthropist with strong ties to many charities. “If you don’t give back, you’re never ever going to be...

‘Fantasies are not facts’: Trump ridiculed for his meltdowns at final presidential debate

President Donald Trump remained calm during the early moments of the final presidential debate in Nashville. But Trump soon lost his patience with both Vice President Joe Biden and moderator Kristen Welker. Trump began the debate by backing down on his suggestion a COVID-19 vaccine would be ready before election day. On the topic of […]

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